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Your guiding goddess initiation personality type is based on your dominant inner goddess temple.

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Your Guiding Goddess Personality Type is...


You are a Griot Goddess.

Your Inner Temple of Griots is Your Voice Energy Channel

Releasing Blocks to Receiving Abundance

This Means That You Are An

Expressive, Outspoken, Communicator

Your Secret Power is



You are the Goddess.

You are the Temple.

The initiation is into your true self.

We each have 9 inner goddess temples that represent different areas of our lives, our bodies and our consciousness. The African Goddess Initiation Temples are a combination of the Hindu chakra system, 7 African Powers and other systems of personal mind-body-spirit consciousness.  

Because the power of chakra work and similar systems are the foundation for many of the healing systems I channel and create, I use that as a foundation. I didn’t want to confuse or overwhelm you with the ancient African and Indian spiritual systems, so I created a chakra-based system that is distinctly African. But it is important for me to acknowledge lineage. - Abiola

About the Temple of Griots

We each have 9 inner temples. 

The Temple of Griots is your dominant Goddess Temple. 

"Telling your story breaks generational curses. In many African societies, a griot is a storyteller, a bard, an historian, a librarian, and a philosopher entrusted with cultural continuity. It used to be that each tribe or clan had a griot who was the keeper and interpreter of the chronicles, narratives, and histories for thousands of years going back. These literary scholars, poets, authors, and musicians spent a lifetime passing those stories down to the next generation’s griots." - From the book African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy



Be Open & Honest

Speak Up.

Women's Empowerment Guru Abiola Abrams on Marcy Depina's Newark Radio

Be open and honest with those around you. Speak the truth and only the truth. Do not trade your authenticity for the sake of approval of others. Be yourself and it is important to be genuine in everything you do.

Sing up and sing out to empower your voice. Whenever and wherever you feel comfortable, sing. You can sing in the car, when you are doing your laundry, in the shower or wherever you feel like it.

Your power color vibration is blue. Incorporate it more into your life.


Learn to Say No


Clarify for yourself where you feel strong yeses and nos.

If you find yourself in a situation that feels out of alignment, you have to learn how to say “No”. It is hard sometimes to do especially with people who are close to you but if you say yes all the time, you are compromising what your own truth and standards.

Fruits work well to balance this energy channel, specifically fruits that grow on trees such as apples, pears, peaches, apricots and plums. Symbolically these fruits are said to be true to themselves. They only fall of the tree when they are ready and ripe.


Breathe & Meditate

Be Present.

Enter Your Goddess Temple

Sit down in a quiet and comfortable place, and close your eyes. Breathe in and out through your nose. Turn your awareness inward towards your breath and your body. In your mind's eye, look upon the breath and the body with wonder and awe. Feel the power of your voice. Recognize how precious each breath is, how extraordinary your voice is.

Relax your forehead, and slightly turn up the corners of your mouth. Feel the reaction in your body. Rest in the soft, spacious feeling of owning your voice.

Rest in this present moment, content and aware of the presence of your voice.

Your Inner Goddess

Temple of Griots


Spiritual Business Manifesting


Your inner Temple of Griots is mainly the center for conversation, self-expression and creativity. This is where your inner voice or your own truth is expressed. This chakra also corresponds to diplomacy, your relationship with others as well as detachment.

When this energy channel is balanced and active, you willingly express yourself and are not restricted to do so. However, when it is inactive, you tend to shy away from expressing yourself as well as your creativity. This often leads to untapped talent and not unleashing your true potential.


You might think that people who have a weak inner Temple of Griots are only the shy or introverted. This is not true.

Energetic blockages in this area can also be associated with those who speak up but they rarely speak the truth. Challenges here can be understood in two perspectives; firstly referring to those who are unable to express themselves and secondly, those who do not speak the truth.

What happens when you have an overactive inner Temple of Griots? You tend to have too much to share and control the conversation in a negative way. It can also cause you to not think before you speak and sometimes your words may come across as offensive to others. As a result, people will try and avoid you as you are not a good listener.


  • You are a poor listener. 
  • You  feel blocked and silenced with untapped talent in the world.
  • You avoid expressing yourself and are concerned about what others think of you.


  • You feel comfortable expressing yourself. 
  • You are not easily influenced by others.
  • You feel comfortable being seen and heard.

You embody the energy of Temple of Griots goddesses such as:

African diaspora divine feminine griot goddesses including Mami Wata (Diaspora), Yasigi (Dogon/Mali), Mama Djombo (Guinea-Bissau), Mame Coumba Bang (Senegal), Nunde (Benin)...


Goddess of Self-Expression

Page 255

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy


Goddess of Nakedness

Page 249

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

African Goddess Initiation Art by Destiney Powell, 


Goddess of Shine

Page 261

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

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African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals

You can find Temple of Griots goddesses, rituals, and more in the book, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love Prosperity and Joy.  

Find this Hay House book wherever you buy books.

Your Temple of Griots

 Embodiment Rituals

The African Goddess Initiation is an initiation into your true self.

You are the Goddess.

You are the Temple.

Traditional Temple of Griots rituals from throughout the global African diaspora include: Hydromancy, Sisters of the Mask, Praise Poetry, Voice Power Ritual, and the Ash Circle Ritual.

Sacred African Goddess Initiation Rituals that will help you to deepen your Temple of Griots energy connection include:  the Water Gazing in the Hidden Lake Ritual, Your Vision Self-Expression Mask Ritual, Your Self-Praise Ritual, Your Speaking Up Ritual, and Your Truth Ritual.

(Find these rituals in the book African Goddess Initiation by Abiola Abrams, Chapter 7) 

African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards

You can find all of these goddesses and more in the deck, African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards.  

Find this Hay House deck wherever you buy books. 

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