what a wild woolly wonderful wondrous whirlwind summer of work! interesting feedback like hip hop up knives. hmmmm. also, stranded will be distributed by the awesome company film movement. it was a very odd mix of joy and pain this summer as we lost my beloved auntie pearlene. awww- it hurts. it still doesn’t even seem real. thank goodness for work as the workaholics best distraction. well, that and love. i have a new angel watching over me. that explains why i have been receiving so many advocates of late!

i feel so wealthy in my family and friendships– so loved and so blessed. “and for this,” as my beloved ex-goddess city sister-friend khuyki used to say when she was quoting iyanla vanzant — “i am so grateful.” for everything there is a season, reason or a time. is that how this goes?

everyone has been asking me about planning my dream wedding, but god/dess-willing, my focus is on creating my dream marriage.

it’s such a great and interesting thing– earlier this year I was co-producer of this live show called “the world’s greatest birthday party,” which was actually this really fun, energetic enterprise for children, created by these really wonderful, caring people, and i just learned that we won the 2004 golden token award, which is the top national award in children’s entertainment. yay! i am so excited to have learned that, and that urges me to know in the future that there is no “survival job” that we can’t learn amazing things from, and that we can’t give sweet gifts back to the universe with. (i’ll let that dangle…)
soon to be mrs…