The genius astrological wonderchild goddess woman who is our very own GREAR hits it right out of the park with this month’s horoscopes… As usual, I’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of communicating. We’ll be sharing pics of her favorite Virgos to celebrate the month throughout on Pinterest. Tell your friends because a year from now we see this column THRIVING.


Virgo really came into focus for yours truly after watching the History Channel once and they were airing a special on the Freemasons. How the governmental landmarks were built, blueprinted. They spoke of how one was even designed to point straight up, under the constellation of Virgo. Most points are masculine visually, modeling the phallus. Virgo is not only a feminine sign, but its symbol is that of a woman. A woman holding a sheath of wheat.

On a trip there, to D.C., I counted fifty-two Virgonian symbols; beautifully posted statues. All I could hum to myself was… Virgo is of some sort of major importance here. See for yourself, if you should ever tour the nation’s capitol. Your observation is naturally keen, discriminating, but there, you won’t even have to dial it up–the Virgin archetypes are apparent!

Virgo, the Virgin. Virginia. Vulcan. Mercury, the planet of logic, communication, Thoth, where we get “thought” from, co-rules Virgo and Gemini. Both signs can be highly detailed-oriented–but for different reasons. Trust, if you ever met a Gemini and a Virgo and they both obsessed (damn near to O.C.D heights) over things you’d likely pay little attention to, but they do! But, usually, for different causes entirely. They’re driven, astro-driven, differently.

Analytical and critical. Your key phrase is “I Analyze,” that’s what you do. And that’s what you’re here to do. You are usually accurate with your final assessment. But…can you handle someone else’s accurate final assessment of you?

Image: Josephine Wall

Soon as you can, you’ll know, without a shadow-of-doubt that you have grown. Evolved. What we’re all here to do.

Regulus not too long ago moved into Virgo. Regulus is a fixed star. If unfamiliar, and wanna get familiar, study Reg. This placement lends loads of power to you, Virgo, when rightly accessed. Wield it wisely. To abuse power is to abuse your future incarnations.

This month looks great for you Virgo! Especially by the middle of the it, when things will shift and speed up. To help activate this in you I recommend the cell salts: Natrum Phosphoricum, Calcarea Sulphurica, & Silica. About six bucks a pop. Any well-stocked health food store should carry them; if not, they may order them for you.

The cell salt for Virgo is: Kali Sulphuricum . Only take yours while the sun is in your sign…yeah, like Now. Smiles… Once the sun enters Libra stop taking them; stock in the cupboard to take again next year. The other three can be taken all year around. Just a couple of pellets under the tongue and you’re on your way for the day.

*Please do the research on Cell Salts first. Virgo is the “health sign,” so it’s innate for most of you to study healthy offerings anyway.

Live with greater purpose. Embrace Joy! Dare yourself. Make a pact with yourself, suspend the ego, try to do an entire day without judging anything or anyone. Soon as a negative thought enters your mind, immediately push it out by replacing the critical thought with a vision of a lovely field of lavender. Or any aesthetic that appeals to you. You could even instantly forget what it was you were about to auto-critique.

Just a day. A twenty-four hour spiritual exercise.

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible (= I’m Possible), you can do it!

This can cleanse your mind to degrees that you couldn’t conceive on your own (the ego wouldn’t allow you to). You’d just feel C L E A R, this is when the Surge of JOY floods your system. It’s the best natural HIGH ever!

The new moon in Virgo is on the sixteenth. Ms. Iyanla Vanzant’s start date for her new show wasn’t lost on me. She too is astrologically-inclined.

Ms./Mr. Virgo, you too can begin anew on this day. Suggestion: Fast, meditate, three days before, it’ll come to you what you rid yourself of what to allow “new” in.

Happy B*Earth Day, Virgo!


The first week of the month, the work aspect looks hopeful. If you’re already employed, there could be a sweet vocational interruption or shift. Favor is shown, stay aware. Remember the saying: All luck is, is Preparedness meeting Opportunity.

This auspicious vibe appears to be a glimpse…only if you don’t seize it! Be cognizant. Seize the opportunity and a glimpse could morph into the whole prosperous picture being shown to you.

Watch out for impulsive spending. Try not to walk with a lot of cash or credit cards, if you can; especially by mid-month. Then again, this could be difficult all month, cause the front for “the friendship forecast” reads as pure fun! They’d want you to hang out with them, and you’ll want to oblige, but… reckless spending is on the forecast too. Try not to let the two merge too often.

See if they’re “treating?” If they are, cool. If not, take ‘just enough’. I wouldn’t leave the house with no more than fifty bucks for fun. Any more than that you could lose it! And not even realize how you did. Like, in a F L A S H! Stay up! Up on your funds.

“It ain’t what you cop it’s what you keep.” ~L-Boogie

‘Speaking of “in a F L A S H,” this swift energy persist right through your love life too. By month’s end, you should/could hear from “them.” It’ll be Good! Damn Good! But…soon as you know it, it’s OVER!

To help cope here, look up that Nikki Giovanni poem where she speaks to how not to be scared to dive in (a love affair) with both feet…and how not to cry when it’s over. As an astrologer, I KNOW to honor all time, all hours, be them long, be them short. Time is precious–enjoy every morsel of it–from the minute (pun intended) to the major.

Some believe that just cause a relationship was short-lived it was somehow a failure. Not. Every thing has a birth date and an end date. Relationships no different.

Not every connection is born to make it to seniorville. Nurture and love the baby (relationship) anyway. To me, the only failed relationship is the one where mutual respect lapse.

Libra rules relationships and is very concerned with the ratio of things. Thus, you too must honor time, in all measurements, short and long!

Balance and Wholeness, Sexy Scales.


Do you feel like you’ve been on the verge, lately? Well, Scorpio (and Leo too) is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac…feeling on the verge may seem to feel like a constant state for you. But now it’s a tad more than normal, right? And I know why… Mars and Pluto. But these are your homies! Well, your home-stations. Every time they travel elsewhere (to other suns…sun signs), you may feel bereft, abandoned just a little.

But when they RETURN HOME, oh baby, you could feel a JOLT!

If you’re not athletic or have a highly-charged vocation of some kind, your system may not know how to effectively channel such a powerful surge. Hence, the sudden on the verge vibe. Breathe. Relax. It’s all good.

Go for long walks. Ruminate…you love to do this anyway. Now, do it with a specific purpose–to properly channel that riled-up chi. Take some time off, if you can. A change, a positive one, is shown.

Some good news could come by the middle of the month. There could be a stillness before you respond, this is fine–they’ll understand. They may not understand whether what they told you or showed you, you received as a positive or not? But, they will be patient and await your response.

There’s a key person… or a key. This is what came up… This is so mighty, it could carry into October. Just be up, ready, and prepared.

Let go of past pains. Deep cleansing and healing is in order. You too have to rid yourself of something old, fixed, and no longer serving you rightly. This has to Go, for the good to enter.

So goes the well-worn (yet, not well-applied) adage: “Out with the old. In with the New.”

*Remember: No one transforms better than you, Scorpio. Scorpio rules Transformation. Feel free to exercise this cosmic right!


Friends and money, it’s said, the two should never mix. However, next month, it’s shown for Saggies, it’ll mix grandly. Now, don’t take this cool aspect and run with it! i.e.: Loaning or borrowing good gobs of dough. In this economy, not a good idea.

Remember, by October this auspicious aspect is over…as the friendship will probably be if sound logic is not [or was not] applied regarding the money and friend thing.

Another Sag just came to mind, one of his tunes: “It Was All Good Just a Week Ago,” by Jay Z

‘Don’t be the one singing this tune due to sudden excommunication due to a sudden lapse in re-payments.

“Mis-communication leads to complication.” ~Lauryn Hill

*Sag, you’re so perceptive ordinarily; remain the same with buddies and money. If you encounter a Scorpio during the first week, ask their birthday and play it. If it hits, share the spoils with them. Try to pay off debt…study tax laws.

Two loves are shown. Especially with: Gemini, Aries, and your own sun sign. Most Sagittarians shy away from commitment (moreso the men); with that said, I won’t write here: Choose one. *chuckles*

What I will say is…don’t elect to be honest with just one–some guys think if they just “keep it real” with one, they good! No. Tell them all the truth.
If it’s done with tact and wholeness (yes, the whole truth), you may be pleasantly surprised with the reaction[s].

By the way, the work scene looks promising for you as well. If you’re looking, could land a job, one you should really like. If you are already employed, a promotion could be a real possibility. Stay open.


Enter the month in a nurturing manner. Nurture self and all those around you. If this is your natural disposition already, dial it up a few notches. If not, give it a try. This state will activate great things in you and yours.

Watch your money, be clear on all that’s owed and or borrowed. Balance the bottom line. Good time to write. Write anything, just put pen to paper! Heal your body. Detox, juice, just take notice of your temple.

If this is your case, if not, don’t concern yourself here: This month, I’d avoid all pharmacies in your neighborhood. Order online or travel some distance to fill a prescription or make a drugstore purchase. Something sold to a Capricorn (Capricorn ascendents and Capricorn moons take note here as well) may not be of sound substance, or what you “thought” it was. Just be alert.


Implement serious self-care. Not just speaking to hygiene, but your spirit. Please trust your gut all of September. Do this anyway, any day. But September, especially, aspects are shown in a way that’s a little worrisome. Don’t be paranoid, just awake!

*Let Go of old sh*t! By the middle of the month and the end of the month, too, things look brighter. Though, an unpredictability could pop up! This pop up, thankfully, reveals itself auspiciously.

To dodge some of the nonsense, old, dated nonsensical items, at that. Try something new. Learn something new. Be creative. Take a wiring/ jewelry making class, etc. Shy away from “the familiar” for a spell…which is something the Water Bearer loves to shy away from anyway. Next month, it’s (the shying) sorely necessary!

On September 12th, this is a special day for Love. Go on a date this day! No one in mind, romantically? Then go out with a family member; one that you love. No, wait, let me be specific: One that you love and like! 🙂

*Not just for Aquarians. To the other eleven, everyone, go on a sweet date on September 12th.
Or…Visit a nursing home. Read to the elderly. Bring some sunshine in where there’s drab and despair. Embrace Love this day. Send loving rays all over the planet! <3


How did the Blue Moon last month treat ya? She was in Pisces. Gosh, she had to have been so happy there. Anytime the moon is in a water sign, I know she’s snug like a hug in its arms–those sparkly cosmic arms.

You can expect a healing surge this month. ‘Gotta be tuned in (to self) to catch it! You need it.

It’s of the highest order that we ALL heal. But markers, astro-markers, are aligned for you to really embrace it this month. The ego separates us…from each other, and…from ourselves. Our core selves. Our center. Our soul.

Recommended exercises:

1.) Watch that Thandie Newton lecture on TedTalks. She speaks to how one must suspend the “self” (ego) to gain ascension. I saw her in movies prior to…but never really saw her. As an actress she just never grabbed my attention. As a lecturer, she has it now! You’ll be amazed.

2.) Fast from meats and dairy…just for the month. Fast from cursing… c’mon, just for a month. Remember that Yoruba proverb that Iyanla Vanzant (a Virgo, your cosmic opposite sign) quotes, “To speak well, you must eat well.” Or, is it, “If you eat well you will speak well?” Either way, the message rings the same: Eat well.

You too, moor self-care. Self-care transforms to Self-love. Honor yourself and those around you. If those around you don’t honor you, further honor yourself by distancing yourself from dishonor and disrespect. Sever-in-Love.

Sit or stand in front of a mirror, naked, for an hour; or, as long as you can. Don’t say a word. Just stare at yourself, your WHOLE self. Cut the phones off. Don’t allow any music to play. No noise. Write down what came to you while you studied your transparency. This sounds like, to some, a deceptively simple exercise. Their perception is correct. It’s not easy. It can also be scary. As poet RainMaker said in one of his pieces “Silence is Louder than SCREAMS.” Pisces you can do it. Get to know your shadowself.

These are your cell salts: Kali Phosphoricum, Natrum Sulphuricum , Kali Muriaticum.

*Note the above advice I gave your fellow water sign (Scorpio) on this supplement.

Wholeness and Balance.


The new idea you came up with at work or regarding a career move could finally be well received. Don’t shy away. Stay the course.

Romance, a sudden one, is highlighted. Either it’ll happen fast or the person speaks or moves fast! Or, both! Leo, Gemini or your own sun sign here is noted. There could also be combative tension with this person…which usually makes for even more steamier hot sex!

Unless they are into the astro-sciences, they won’t even comprehend why they are behaving in this manner towards you. But again, it’s quick! The tryst, the affair, all of it! But, hella memorable!

After October 7th, the affair, as steamy as it was, could just dissolve. No rhyme No reason. The thrill is gone! Isolation is present. Even if you’re, surprisingly, still with them, they’d wanna isolate you in some fashion.

Understand, you are your brain. We all are. Our mental blueprint is our actions. The cosmos and its varied starry patterns is NOT just something “out there,” it’s our mental-patterns too; our psyche. With a strong will power we can override it. The stars impel they don’t compel. But it helps a great deal to know what they (the/your stars) are–be conscious of your transits, your natal geometric blueprint. Your splay, etc.

*On the 30th, the Full Moon in Aries should bring it all together for you. It oughta all make sense by then. Send some incense smoke to Selene as a lunar offering of love. She may facilitate even more clarity for you.

Stay the course.


The past comes up…a lot! Ah-ha moments wave over you like nobody’s business! Sudden revelations. If I were you, I’d walk with my journal and a pen. Quickly document these sage thoughts. For as soon as they surface will be as soon as they fall (or shall I say ‘swim,’ this is a 12th House matter) or return to the abyss. Hey, I know the pain of losing a great [fleeting] thought. Sigh… Don’t let it happen. Jot it down on napkins, your hand till you can get to a piece of paper. Just hold on to it before cosmic gremlins (grimore/grammar) snatch ’em back!

*To help keep your mind clear, de-clutter. Break a bad habit. Kickstarting it during the waning moon is helpful when wanting to kick an addiction. Also, I love Valerian, Vervain, or Skullcap herbal tea to help clear tha dome. Balance and settle my senses.

Keep the closet doors open in your home…just for the month of September. “Closets” are a twelfth house domain. I know it sounds strange, but, it helps greatly with this concentration.

Wholeness and Balance


Dreams can not only take shape this month, the can MATERIALIZE beyond your wildest imagination. Self-acceptance is the only thing blocking your way forward. If this is not your bane, then I’m not referring to you–as you were. Smile.

*All in all, this month looks like your month…from my star perspective.

Try to date an earth sign on September 12th. It doesn’t have to be one of a romantic interest. You just need to really really dig them as a person and vice versa. 
Their say that day can really have a great impact on you. I’d go so far as to record the date. Yes, let them know you’re doing so. ‘Don’t want them to net heebeegeebees if they were to ever discover you secretly taped y’all conversational sessions on that date that day in September.

Suddenly…a classic song comes to my senses… her name, the songstress, escapes me. I used to dance to the tune at Studio54 (yes, I just dated myself…Lol). She’d sing, “…I remember that day in September…” Or, was it, “…it was a day in September?” Oh never mind, I can’t recall any more bars.

“Somebody Else’s Guy,” the name of the tune, it just came to me. Lol…

No, Mama G is not your usual astrologer. In all honesty, I’m not your usual anything. Yes, eccentric cords merrily strum this organ over here! 🙂


“The tide of destiny has turned and everything wonderful comes my way. Go ahead and banish any bad from the past and be sure to speak out for the beautiful gift this present bring. Happy surprises are about to come my way. Ashe.”

Make the above your daily mantra this month. Believe it when you say it. Type it out, post it in the bathroom, or in a spot where you’re likely to read it till it’s committed to memory.

There’s aspects [for this month] that can make you feel very unwanted, not socially accepted. Cancer is a highly sensitive sign. Alienation may not be good for you, especially if you’re typically a social butterfly. If you’re not, you won’t care. Undaunted. You don’t wanna be bothered no how, anyhow. Smile.

But for the former:

Here’s the thing… you play chess? You make the first move. Ex out before the moment is executed where they cast you out. Oddly enough, all could be resolved next month (October).

You can control [now/Sept.] this by being proactive. Exit stage left before you’re not permitted in the proverbial theater again. Besides, a break from the familiar, familiarities (fam, foes, enemies), is much needed. Heed the suggestions doled to Aquarius above, if you like. We all have each of the 12 signs somewhere in our natal charts, hence, it’s not only okay to read the others–it’s highly advisable. Astro-advice. 🙂

Downtime is no excuse to be down. ‘Just cause you took the initiative to do you with you and you alone is absolutely no reason to wallow in depression. Remember: You are you own best company!

Pamper yourself. If the budget permits, find new spas. If the budget doesn’t permit, cop that “Spa in a Can,” and have fun with it at home doing your mani and pedi’s. Buy a cookbook, make new dishes. Rent a movie, one you’d never watch on your own. One of those ones with subtext at the bottom. Just ideas here. Simply put, embrace the new!

Don’t resist change.

Fall in love with yourself. Burn Sage. Add Patuoli oil to the bath. Get a spiritual reading done, to better get to know yourself…on a deeper plane.

Business looks up; but in this context (business dealings), watch your money.

*Stay up and upbeat. By the way, do the research on “5HTP.” This helps, naturally, with that morose bluesy state. Love and Hugs to you my sweet intuitive Cancerians! 🙂


Venus will be entering Leo. Woohoo!

Money looks, no, money LOOKS splendid!

With any type of financial agreements, read the fine print with a magnifying glass. Though, the money-maiden will court Leo this month, still, be as sure as sure can get before signing any contracts.

Remember, just because the stars align in favor for the lion doesn’t mean that you can chill and it’ll just fall from the sky like manna from heaven. You still gotta do your part in your matter. In short, make it happen!

Take a lucid look at family and self. Especially self, cause they will definitely be looking at you too–you first! This seemingly out-of-nowhere scrutiny of you will prompt yours for them. Maintain respect.

September will be over before you know it. But October has its own coordinates. Another astro-tale, to be told at another time.

A little tension is shown whereas love/romance is concern. But we all know “tension” can read “sexy” too here.

A Leo can experience tension in love any given month of any given year–it’s a fire sign for pete’s sake! But this month a pesky particular angle is clear.

My motto: Maintain “mutual respect” at all times. Civility always eases tension. Love will more than ease it, it’ll downright erase it.

Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” just came to mind… with the right mate, that’s (love-making) a tension reliever like no other! Uh-Oh, now Norman Conners “You are my Starship” just came into focus. In it, he sings, “…just love me…till my tensions gone…” Mercy!

John and Jane Q Lion, take it easy. Chill. Thirty days can go by in a flash! If you know how to finesse the ride. Ride the calender wave, tension or not, like the champ you are!

The last day is a Full Moon in our fellow fiery cosmic-homie: Aries. This is really a great day for you two to break up…to make up. Make-up sex…what’s better?

Have an Awesome Autumn Season to all! <3

P.S. We’ll also post photos of all of these Virgo celebs on Pinterest this month as we share.

Grear’s favorite Virgos are:

  • Michael Jackson
  • Chris Tucker
  • Dave Chappelle
  • Big Daddy Kane
  • Nas
  • Richard Gere
  • Sean Connery
  • Iyanla Vanzant
  • Tavis Smiley
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Terrie from EnVogue
  • Rosie Perez
  • Sommore

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