Man·i·fes·to: manəˈfestō (noun) a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

Synonyms: policy statement, mission statement, platform, program, declaration, proclamation, pronouncement, announcement.

Here is your Bombshell Manifesta, the sacred contract with yourself that I mention on the bottom of page four of “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.” This year is all about manifesting, magnetizing, and monetizing our miracles, magic, and mojo to birth and rock your mission, message, and movement. Yeah! 

How do you get started? Easy. Print this, recite this, repeat this, breathe this, chant this, dance this, live this, love this, share this…

Ready Gorgeous?
Here are Your Four Core Bombshell Beliefs

  1. I am only in a relationship with myself. My life reflects the love I feel for me. I must see myself as the Universe sees me.
  2. There is nothing more important than feeling good, being with goodness, and accepting my highest good. This is my birthright.
  3. I am fully responsible for myself, my life, and my personal power. Anything else is just a story.
  4. Being willing to welcome feminine energy – femergy – is the pathway to my Self.


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 Special Bonus!

Click to Download your Permission Slip to Shine!

sacred bombshell permission slip from abiola




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The Tao of Bombshell

This is the Sacred Bombshell Manifesta.

  • I hereby love, honor, and cherish my Self unconditionally.
  • My creative feminine energy, femergy, is a catalyst for miracles, mojo, and magic.
  • I accept that there is power in my just being, in self-being, in nowness.
  • I am worthy; I deserve to receive the sweetness of life.
  • I give myself permission to feel and express my feelings.
  • I find my fullness when I dare to stop shrinking.
  • Life loves my authentic uniqueness.
  • I embrace and revel in beauty as a spiritual practice.
  • I free myself by easily a letting go.
  • I am worthy of the abundance of the Universe.
  • Togetherness is the key to our evolution.