Let go.

And remind yourself that this very moment

is the only one you know you have for sure.”


~Goddess Oprah Winfrey

Hey Goddess!

Happy new week, happy new magick~

And I need your magical help.

I have just “unboxed” the prototype for the first time of my newest deck of inspirational cards — WHOO HOO — and obviously they are NOT YET AVAILABLE ūüôā for sale because I have to lock in the NAME — and there are a few color adjustments etc. to be made.

I was hoping to have these cards ready as a SURPRISE GIFT at my intimate¬†NYC Goddess Circle Meetup(ManifestYourPower.com) on July 26th, but I don’t think they’ll be ready in time.

As you may know, this is my 3rd deck of YUMMY inspirational cards.

My first AWESOME DECK was the African Goddess Affirmation Cardsand then last year I followed that up with the Womanifesting Fertility Goddess Manifestation Cards.

This exciting, NEW deck, the “Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Cards” were inspired by my last book, the award-winning “Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.”

The colors and ART on the new deck really POP and my AMAZING artist Janus — who I discovered on Instagram — is rocking it. I chose HEXAGRAM for the shape of the cards because I wanted them to be a pattern interrupt as they can be used for a 40-day self-love, self-care healing journey.

 just need your help with the name.

As you can see, I was going with “Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journal Cards,” but now I am thinking “Sacred Bombshell Self-Love JournalING¬†Cards.”

::::If you want to see these new cards on video to decide, I reveal them in this video.


[YouTube Video Link]

Can you just take this quick poll and let me know which name you like better?


a) Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journal Cards

b) Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journaling Cards


Thank you in advance for your help!!

YOU, my inspiring goddesses, helped me to name “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” back in 2014 — and that won the literary award for BEST self-help book.

Let’s see what magic we can make together here…

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