Men still want to know what makes women happy…

Hey Rockstars,

You know the saying happy wife, happy life, right? Well, my girl Susannah Perez wrote this one just for you to pass on to your man. We bet that he’ll read it and go, “Ohhhhh. It’s not just you!”

Just for Men: What Women Want…

by Susannah


Men often complain that women require their own dictionary, but in actual fact we’re not that complicated.

In fact, the secret to a happy relationship may be a lot simpler than you think!

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Have you ever looked at your lady and found that she’s looking at you with a subtle look of disappointment? Do you ever feel like she’s always nagging and complaining? I bet you do…

Has she ever forgotten your birthday or anniversary?


This secret will either seem obvious, or you will moan and complain that it’s all about her. Please don’t. This simple tip will transform you from ‘disappointing boyfriend’ to ‘valued partner’, and you will see your relationship flourish overnight!

The Secret.

This tip consists of just two words; PAY ATTENTION!

‘That’s all?’ I hear you cry. It may be simple but so many men fall short of this small and seemingly insignificant concept, but trust me, a man who pays attention is a good partner – with a happy woman by his side!

Women tend to make more effort in relationships. They take the phone into the other room when you’re watching the game. They buy you the Family Guy t-shirt because they know you’ll love it – even if they think it’s stupid. I guess we’re just wired that way, and you guys are lucky to have us!

But sometimes we’d appreciate a little attention in return.

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Practice Makes Perfect.

Think about all the thoughtful things she does for you, and try these simple ideas to make her happy.

1.       Ask about her day and listen to what she says.

2.       Notice when she gets a new dress or changes her lipstick colour, and tell her she looks gorgeous!

3.       Pick up a bottle of wine on the way home when you know she’s had a bad day.

4.       When she wants to talk to you about something, don’t roll your eyes and expect a telling off. (She could simply be suggesting a weekend away or want to ask you for advice about work.)

Negative reactions will make her feel shut off and undervalued. I hate to say it guys, but if you continuously make her feel this way, she will begin to look elsewhere for the attention she needs.

If she is wearing sexy underwear, you can be sure that it’s for your benefit, so tell her how it compliments her body and how amazing she looks!

You are not leaving yourself open or vulnerable, you are being a good man who recognises what he’s got, and takes the right steps to hold on to it.

Consider this, gentlemen. If you can’t be bothered to pay attention to your lady, there are other men out there who gladly will.


Susannah Perez is a passionate fashion blogger with a particular interest in human relationships. She believes that love makes the world go round, and strives to help others find happiness in both their relationships and their bedrooms! She blogs for to feed her lingerie addiction.

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