Colder weather brings darker days and inner darkness for some. It’s okay not to be okay. This is a stigma free zone and life is cyclical. I just don’t want you to stay there. Let’s talk about the blues, feeling down and depression. If you need help or are in an emergency situation, reach out to your healthcare professional as soon as possible. This article does not count as medical advice. This is for informational purposes only. Oh — and be sure to watch my EFT video below…

Hey Soul Mates,

With the holidays just around the corner, the season for {SAD} Seasonal Affective Disorder, is also pending for many.  Be sure to try light therapy. In some cases this is serious; but a case of the blues can happen to any of us at any time and for any reason. But did you know that by understanding a little about how the chemicals of the brain work–you can conquer it. Many people believe that beating the blues means taking drugs–for most of us, this is a misconception.

So, what are 5 uncommon ways to beat the seasonal blues?

Use your five senses to trigger serotonin, the “feel-good” chemical our brain naturally produces. While this activity can take on a number of different forms, below are some ideas to get you started.

1) If you have a talent for music–or–you love music, then turn it on! 

Music has been proven to naturally improve dispositions through a variety of ways, as it can physically reduce built up stress and, depending on the nature of the melody, give us a natural energy boost. We all have songs that remind us of specific, happy memories, so why not listen to that particular tune when you’re feeling down? To further utilize the power of music to lift your spirits, pick up a musical instrument. Your emotions respond to the act of creation and your brain releases happy chemicals while you are in the act of creation–and after.

Generating music can serve as a creative outlet for self-expression, provide a sense of accomplishment as you strengthen a skill and allow you to live specifically in the moment. If you have limited time on your hands and won’t be able to regularly attend classes, consider purchasing something that is light and affordable like a keyboard or, for an instrument that sounds happy regardless of what strings you pluck, buy a Hilo ukulele like the ones found here.

Going to a live music session is another awesome way to release those happy chemicals. And if the music is played out doors–better yet! The combination of fresh air and music is a sure-fire winner over the blues. What about dance? Dancing creates movement and circulation which also triggers the brain to release those chemicals and beat the blues.

2. Emotional Freedom Technique.

Are you familiar with EFT Tapping? Watch the video!

3) Treat yourself to color therapy. 

Color therapy uses special lamps and pictures to stimulate the brain and lift the mood by triggering certain emotional responses. It is used to trigger and help a variety of illnesses and the colors the practitioner will use–will be directly related to the illness or disorder being targeted. There’s no reason you can’t apply similar theories to your work environment and home!

Feeling depleted of energy? Surround yourself with spirited “hot” accents of reds and oranges. Anxiety can be supposedly soothed with gentle greens that combine the sunniness of yellow with blue’s mellow disposition. Are you easily angered? Pink has been said to defuse aggression. This is why sports teams sometimes paint their opponents’ locker rooms this particular color.

4) Make sure you receive proper amounts of Vitamin D. 

This nutrient, coupled with calcium, magnesium and zinc has been said to help keep your mood bright. Most of the SAD syndrome is reported in geographic regions with no real sunlight and where its cold and people are more inside than outside. This is also true of those who lead sedentary lifestyles and don’t get outdoor exercise or exposure. Vitamin D deficiency is injurious to your body and spirit, so it won’t hurt to incorporate fish, fortified milks and cereals and mushrooms into your diet. Also consider taking fish oil supplements.

5) Regularly exercise – working out is incredible. 

The feel good chemicals in our bodies need a push. Endorphins are released when we do regular exercise. It doesn’t take much either–brisk walks around the block for 20 minutes several times a week is a great and free way to beat the blues. Plus, by actively taking care of yourself, it is a good reminder that you are indeed worth it. Additionally, drink plenty of water. It is important to mention that fatigue and the blues is actually a symptom of dehydration.

So here you have it–the best ways to beat the blues–and how much have you spent? You’ve spent near nothing to accomplish them–so experiment. Best practices–if none of these things work for you–then consult a physician to rule out or treat a more serious underlying problem.

Love, Coach Abiola

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Contact your healthcare professional for medical advice. I am not a doctor. This post is for informational purposes only. The featured photo is from my 2013 motivational cards set. Promotional consideration was received for this post.