This weekend it was my pleasure to host a healing circle in Harlem to address fear. Imagine my JOY and YAY-ment when one of our Sacred Bombshell Goddess Circle workshop participants announced that she was Ms. Grear Yaddie Turnbull, our long time astrological sister. We’ve never met in person and she has no pictures online. 

We have great love for the wonder-filled astrologer Grear Yaddie Turnbull here on the Sacred Bombshell Blog. She has been a blog sister through our many iterations. Her insights are poignant Find her astrological predictions for 2014 here.

Of course, we had to invite this wonder-woman to bless us with her post-event insight. 

I’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of writing and communicating.

Be sure to observe the ArchAngel exercise Grear shares below. By the way, my workshop co-host, healer Tia Johnson also shared an ArchAngel Meditation with us in this workshop. xoxo -aa

Take it away, Gorgeous Grear… 

Great Greetings from the desk of Mama Grear

The Day After: My Reflections on Abiola & Tia’s Sacred Healing Circle at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore…

Let me tell ya…

It is very hard for me to get out. With all my ailments and no car? Uh, yeah.
“Cabin Fever” can kick in swiftly! There’s those items that one MUST go out for:
groceries, doctor’s appointments, other vital appointments, family matters,
and then there are those that feel like “choices,” yet carry a MUST “get-to” sensation.
And this event was one of them…for me. I opened the evite and knew instantly “I’m There!”

There’s just something about “in person”, interfacing with another kindred
spirit that no amount of videos can replace. This fact is what made me move my feet.
It was a sluggish, painful process…yes, just to prep to get out. Abiola spoke to “that voice
in your head,” the one that “talks you outta stuff.” She even speaks to this in her book:
The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” where she courageously shares intel about she and
her ex-husband…I was glued. No lie, just put it down to pen this reflection.

That voice told me that Sunday morning “Why go? Don’t exert energy you know
you don’t have to hike way to Harlem! She’ll probably have it videotaped, you can catch it on
YouTube later.” Guess what? Didn’t see any video cameras rolling upon my arrival. Nope! None.
Would not have caught that circle–the divine circle it was/is–on YouTube! Sometimes, I’m
happy to have heeded that “inner dictate,” and then there are times I’m happy when I don’t
heed it–this is definitely one of those times! (smiles)

About the Location

Sisters Uptown Bookstore. Warm, cozy, inviting. You just wanna hang out there, chill. I’m from Harlem, and recall so many bookstores of that vibe.

Now? No more. This one is the last one left. We must support it. Not just to help its survival, but to also help ours. There are few places where you can spend money and not feel that structural stuffy commercial energy.

Janifer Wilson, the owner of Sister’s Uptown Bookstore & Cultural Center, is a beautiful sista indeed. Her smile warmed mine. It was a joy to exchange with her. She inspires me to want to support the cause not only cause it’s the right thing to do, but with her? It’s what you want to do. Desire vs. Obligation. <3

Once in Harlem…

I got off the bus early, by accident or by divine intervention: I needed the exercise.

After the half-mile walk, tired, sweaty, yet happy! I made it!

I greeted and bowed at the door to the beings that I saw first. Near the rear, I saw the circle with Abiola Abrams and Tia Johnson perched pretty at the helm. Ms Abrams is as lovely in person as she is in her videos–inside and out.

abiola and goddess tia Abiola and Tia

All I could do was smile, and smile widely before my ears could come into focus to what was
being orated. I entered the circle, found a seat, then it was my time to introduce myself.
“Oh, this event is interactive? I didn’t want Abiola to know it was me,
not this early…I figured she’d find out once she inscribed the book. But, uh, no, she’s gonna find out right now,
in the first ten minutes of my arrival.” Yikes!

No, my pixx aren’t on the net.

I don’t find that I’m photogenic in the least–with that, please spare the people the unsightly reframe.

No, I don’t have low-self esteem per se; just an honest handle on who I am, spiritually as well as visually. (smiles)

I introduced myself then braced myself…and studied Abiola’s expression. Some don’t think my writing,
or voice, matches “my looks.” Whatever that means…

Abiola’s expression (pretty as it is) read with no shock, just sweet reception. I damn near came to tears-
but I held them. No time to allow “tears” to steal the show. I needed to hear her wholly.
She let the circle know who I was/am and all welcomed me. We then resumed the rest of the sitting.
I had missed about an hour but didn’t feel like I missed a beat. I fell right in. It felt so seamless,
so good; liken to falling in love. <3

Then two stylish-looking gentlemen entered to join the circle. Along, with Bishop Abrams,
Abiola’s dad, Thomas, and now these two–I was happy to have the testosterone in attendance.
It spelled “balance” to me. (smiles)

Abiola and Tia were able to engage us collectively as well as individually. Acknowledgment. The “I Matter” thing we all secretly (well, some, not so secretly than others) yearn for. Abiola, your smile…that smile…the sun sits there…in your heart too.

[Editor’s note: Thank you so much, you magical woman! -aa]


We shared our present state of being, short-term goals, long-terms goals plus more.
Bishop Abrams shared how the word “goal” is so terminal how he prefers “objective” in lieu of.
You know what? I like that. From now on it’s my preference too, in this context. Asir, Bishop Abrams. (smiles)

[Editor’s note: Agreed. I actually prefer the word intention. Objective is also a good match.]


After all the sacred sharing, Abiola led us in an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) exercise. 

Doing EFT with her on YouTube was fine, but with others and in person, felt much better with heightened vibrations.

I am so grateful.

I used to be a social butterfly; no more.

Though, my friendlies (basic nature) are life-long set,
there’s still a mild shock value for me to be around SO MANY people in a single sitting for
a prolonged period of time–in a space where “engaging them” is expected.
On the train my head is stuck in a book with music playing in my ears.

In the sacred circle, I wasn’t uncomfortable, no, yet, it felt like sensory in some-kind-of-way
overload…strange…but, divinely strange. An awakening! I gotta get out more often. (laughing out loud!)
Been around Poppa Bear, and nearly ONLY Poppa Bear, he’s like the only one I trust to let my guard
down with. Yeah, Mama Bear got intimacy issues. As an astrologer, I know this trait is indicative of my sun sign,
but good-gosh! (laughing out loud!) Not just speaking in the romantic sense.


During the break, I told myself not to go up to Abiola, that “she has to work the whole room, and to let her do it
in peace–you’re not special just cause you used to write for her site.”

Darn that voice in the dome–ego!

But later, I realized that this is the excuse I gave myself to avoid what? An intimate moment. 
I do “surface friendlies” very well. Anything of more depth, on a one-on-one level, too?
Chile, I run! But seriously, though.

Yes, I repeat, depth can be delivered in an unromantic sense. Either version of depth makes me a bundle of
nerves! Thank heavens for wine! But there was none in this cypher; I know–should have brought my own brown bag.

Anyhoo, during the break, as I stood in the center looking at books,
Abiola walks right up on me, holds my hand, and won’t ALLOW me to “surface” the moment.

I nearly fainted. Okay, that’s dramatic, but my chubby knees did feel a tad jelly.
Such moments are so rare, I can count mine on one hand: One with Dr. Joy DeGruy at I.S. 8, one with the
lead singer from D-Train at a Jelly Bean b-day party, and one…okay, no need to list them all here…

When Kahil Gibran said (in “The Prophet“) to know the pain of too much tenderness…

I didn’t understand it the first time I read it…wondering:
How could ‘tenderness’ be painful?” But oh, if you ain’t used to it and someone gifts it…it is!

It really is! A curious pain, or like Dexter Wansel’s song title, Sweetest Pain. …And when it’s platonic, it’s even “moor…” well, painful. I can’t explain it. But I tell you this–it’s the necessary serum to heal. Especially among women–how we’re programmed to regard one another. We must cease helping that invisible oppressor oppress us.

Abiola wouldn’t let my hands go, but this “stand still moment” that she led was in no way ego-driven. It was all love. Merwet. Pema Chodron lectured about the “fight or flight or freeze” mode. Of course, I didn’t feel any “fight” teas, yet those “flight” teas were alive and anxious! #intimacyissues. I had to “allow” and let the moment have its way. Heaven knows my soul needed it.

Abiola’s sun sign is my sun’s opposite. If you study astrology, you know we’re speaking 180 degrees here–and we were standing in that position too! If you study Hebrew, you know what the #18 is. You already know what it is! Goddess Energy Activated! A’se!

After the break:

Tia had us all write down our objectives on these passionate pink/fuschia-future sheets of paper that I dubbed “Manifest Sheets.”

Once we shared what we wrote, Abiola led the circle in a collective visualization of seeing each participant in their desired objective, already manifested. The activity flowed so natural, effortless, comfortable, felt like we’ve all been knowing each other for a while. Next, Tia shared “Angel” knowledge with us. I knew I couldn’t wait to get on the train to read her book (“To Be Goddess: Every Woman Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme!”) after hearing all she shared, as well. A complimentary team–the two of them.


ArchAngel Raphael Exercise for Mondays:

On Mondays, if you like, light a pink candle to ArchAngel Raphael. And ArchAngel Michael on Tuesdays. He likes a red, green and purple candle to be lit to him. Studying law, I know this is an exchange plane, contracts, spiritual laws don’t differ too much from this. Duality. When you really begin to fellowship with your angels, goddesses, offerings are vital. Ma’at!

Beware of any one-way, one-sided connections.
Prolonged imbalances won’t curry favor with them. Research for yourself. Oh, don’t give them anything you wouldn’t eat, or what they don’t like. I know (‘Goddess’) Oya is VERY particular–she don’t play that! Everything is mathematical/measured too. Please study. You don’t wanna offend any them, even unknowingly.



It was my distinct pleasure to be in attendance.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Hey, Abiola. Suggestion: A retreat! Yes, I can see it now: All of us around the camp fire…Let’s do it!

  • [Editor’s note: Yay. Yes, there are several retreats on the horizon. See you all there! Grear, you are just so beautiful.]

Mama G.

P.S. You can find Abiola’s Photo Diary of the event here.

Grear Yaddie Turnbull and Abiola

The featured image at the top of the post is The Triple Goddess. Source: Wikipedia.