Recently I met another Professional Big Mouth who like me makes a living as a Lifestyle Journalist, On-camera Media Personality and writer, who said that he hated doing interviews because he felt that he always revealed too much. It’s interesting that someone who makes a living revealing facts about others, or trying to convince celebrities et al to reveal facts about themselves would be so tight lipped.

I love talking to my fellow media makers. It’s a duty. I feel that being interviewed by a good interviewer should make you think about things and express them in ways you might not have before. I have spoken to a couple of really good bloggers recently. In Her Shoes and Centric and  love blogger Lexi B come to mind. I also would like to thank Project Duh, a new magazine, for this great interview.
My life is fun and so is my job. Rarely a day goes by that I’m not in appreciation.
We discussed being a woman in media and difficulties an African American woman would face in this field. Check it out!