Lessons from A Graphic Artist: Graphic Art for My Blog! 
Abiola Art by Gisele Parson.
Passionista Principle: “I don’t say everything, but I paint everything.” ~Pablo Picasso
Hey Rockstars!
I hope that you enjoyed our teaser minisode to ramp up for season two of “Abiola on LSD: Love, Sex, Dating and Drama” with a new R & B artist you should know. Preparing for this season of my web TV series has given me a chance to work with tons of cool people in addition to Kristal the Texas Dread. Folks like Martin Johnson Pratt the Twitter God and Gisele Parson, graphic artist. 
You’ve been seeing some of Gisele’s graphic art work here on my blog and I wanted to find out for the aspiring graphic artists and entrepreneurs, plus potential graphic arts customers, what makes a graphic artist tick. 
Abiola Art by Gisele Parson.
Abiola: Gisele, thanks so much for sharing your success secrets with my Rockstar readers here on The Passionista Playbook. I have to tell you that everything that you created for me so for has been divine and I am enjoying our collaboration. You are such a talented graphic artist and motion graphics editor.  
Tell my readers, Gisele, what exactly it is it that you do?
Gisele Parsons: I create videos and graphics for performing artists, multimedia companies and other clients for branding and presentation purposes.
Abiola Art (in my trademark pose) by Gisele Parson.

Abiola: So Gisele, are there special challenges that you face being a woman entrepreneur?
Gisele: So far, so good! I am learning a lot from the guys who are effects experts, and there is often an appreciation for a woman’s perspective and sense of aesthetic.
Abiola Artwork by Gisele Parsons.
Abiola: That’s fantastic! So, what are your favorite projects, Gisele?
Gisele: My favorite projects are the ones where I have artistic freedom.
Abiola Art by Gisele Parson; Echoes my photo below.

Abiola: And what kinds of clients and projects are you accepting right now?

Gisele: I am accepting all clients, from funky to corporate.

Abiola: Great! So if there is an aspiring graphic artist or video editor out there, how did you get started?

Gisele: In graduate school I took one editing course and became hooked on storytelling through graphics and video. Then I helped my mentor teach a course in digital design which was fantastic. 

Abiola: And the rest was history as they say. Do you have any words of inspiration for others who want to do what you do with motion graphics, video editing and as a graphic artist?

Gisele: I offer the same words I say to myself: Try to always see inspiration from everywhere-music, the way people move, films. Even a very short film can be a great cinematic experience.

Abiola: That’s great advice! Thanks, Gisele. For those who want to hire Gisele Parson for a project contact her via GiseleParson.com.

Whoo hoo!