Hello Gorgeous,

Welcome to my new world order!

Today is September 11th. How quickly the mind forgets. I am thinking of the other human tragedy taking place in Louisiana and Mississippi right now. Both events make me think of the capacity of man’s inhumanity to man.

One of the other things that the 2 days have in common, other than an exercise in human suffering is that I stayed glued to CNN every night. I think that somehow, it feel that the least I could do is to be a constant witness to the suffering. Why do you think that this is? Am I perhaps embarrassed that I have never made any kind of effort to really notice and really aid the working poor in America?

One woman told Barack Obama: “Before the hurricane I had nothing. Now I have even less.” Perhaps the reason, if one can even suppose there is such a thing, but perhaps the reason that things like this happen is to remind us of our humanity and need to embrace our fellow human beings on the planet.

Your Homework: What have you done to help the victims of hurricane Katrina? Is there anything that you can do to insure that we never forget the way that the event played out?

All my love,