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Around this time of year, it is natural for us to take stock of our lives. We ask, hmmm… How did I do in the past year? Did I meet my goals? How can I do better? And then there’s that big scary word—resolutions. What are my new year’s resolutions? What do I resolve in the coming year?

A part of my own personal voodoo is to think about where I want to be in terms of work & career, love, relationships, spirituality and finances. Then I look at where I am, and figure out what needs to happen to fill that gap. Then do it. It’s a pretty good, when not exhausting, system.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the New Year and what my new resolutions should be. There are the standards: make more money, lose weight, spend more time with family, eat better—the stuff that I can probably print on a card and then pull out each December. Corporations count on this. It’s their job to say to us—hey, you’re broken and if you buy this gym membership, blood diamond ring, designer outfit, bag, eyeshadow, tummy tuck, you will be better.

That’s why there’s an influx of weight loss commercials around this time of year. And they count on us NOT to follow through on our goals. A gym owner once told me that their business model is built around this. February 14th isn’t only Valentine’s Day, but it’s the day by which 90% of people are expected to drop whatever resolutions they have and start smoking, put away their work out shoes, or whatever. He said that if everyone showed up who signed up in December and January he’d be in trouble.

After much thought, I decided that I only have one resolution this year.

My New Year’s resolution is this: I resolve to allow myself to become who I really am. That’s it. No promises to do this or that better—that will come. My only pledge and promise to myself is to claim my true self.

We are already divine. We are already worthy. We are already beautiful and perfect if we choose to see ourselves the way our Creator does, whatever you believe in. Yeah, there are always ways and areas to improve. And we should say kudos, and slap ourselves on the back whenever we grab a little gloss.

The reason we feel so stressful is that we know that we are not living our potential. That doesn’t necessarily mean work harder, or even smarter. It means mostly don’t be scared of your strength. Don’t be afraid of your shine. SHINE!

The true key is to know that we are already there. We just don’t know it. We just don’t claim it. We just don’t see it. We just don’t allow it. Open your eyes and see who you really are. Just be…

Repeat after me: I am who I am. I am strong, connected and powerful. In this moment, I allow myself to become…. Myself. And I pledge to enjoy the journey.

So here’s to live, liberty and happiness—not the pursuit of happiness—but joy in a real cookie dough ice cream, your team winning the superbowl, perfect little black dress, butt accenting jeans, hugs from your loved ones, champagne kisses kinda way!

Do it your way, mamis & papis…

Happy New Year, My Loves!


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