Abiola’s Safe Sex Pledge: Cover Your Bone Zone Video.
Passionista Principle: “In America sex is an obsession. In other parts of the world it’s a fact.” ~Marlene Dietrich
Washington University booked Bristol Palin as a speaker during Sex Week. No, that’s not the joke or the punchline.

A few months ago Bristol Palin created a PSA with The Situation (yes, that Situation) about abstinence and safe sex and Washington U figured she’d be the perfect person to drop by and preach give a speech on abstinence. Never mind the fact that abstinence did not work for her any way shape or form.

Anywhoo, here on the Passionista Playbook, although we are a safe and sex positive space we are also an advocate of waiting for sex and abstinence if that is someone’s choice. We are also proponents of sex sex. After all, this is the home of my Cover Your Bone Zone Safe Sex Pledge! As a fellow college speaker I support Bristol Palin’s right to free speech and income but I am even more an advocate of sanity– and teen moms speechifying about others abstaining from sex is just plain odd at best.
This Safe Sex Video is the last one that I filmed in my Atlanta hotel room while I was shooting MTV reality series Made. Apparently our girl Kate Walsh aka Addison from Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy is the one that started the “Shut Up, Bristol (my words) Twitter Campaign.” Go Addy.
Watch my “Cover Your Bone Zone” Safe Sex Pledge video below!

In case you can’t see the “no glove, no love” safe sex pledge video
The Cover Your Bone Zone Safe Sex Pledge:
(Inspired by your favorite Irish limerick, designed to save your life!) 
Hold up your right hand or place it over your heart.
“Before I Moan, I Will Cover the Bone;
Before I Get Silly, I Will Wrap the Willy;

Before WePut In In, I Will Inspect the Twins;
Before We Get
to the Point, I Will Wrap that Joint;

Before We Have Sex, I Will Protect My Neck!”