What is a metta loving kindness meditation?

Here’s what our self-editing brethren at Wikipedia have to say about it:

“The cultivation of benevolence (mettā bhāvanā) is a popular form of meditation in Buddhism. In the Theravadin Buddhist tradition, this practice begins with the meditator cultivating benevolence towards themselves, then one’s loved ones, friends, teachers, strangers, enemies, and finally towards all sentient beings. “Compassion meditation” is a contemporary scientific field that demonstrates the efficacy of metta and related meditative practices.


Greetings Sacred Bombshell,

I receive so many beautiful letters almost every day. I will be sharing more of them on the blog as I believe we’re all in it together.

The testimony of one can be very healing to another. The letter below is from Lisa M. Jean-Pierre- Lifestyle Concierge in reaction to work she’s been doing with a free download of my Metta Loving Kindness Meditation. Lisa’s sweet and powerful note came at the perfect moment in a hectic day and put a smile on my face.

Here’s my free metta loving-kindness meditation; and you can read Lisa’s words after the jump.

Sit comfortably and please make sure that you are properly hydrated for this meditation.

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Here’s Lisa’s letter:

Great day to you Queen,

I had to share with you today my feelings from your self love meditation. As I awaken to the fullness of life, i hear the messages most important for me.

Lisa Marie. Jean-PierreAlmost 8 months ago, i downloaded the chant of metta loving kindness meditation. I needed the energy.Also, i did not acclimate myself to the words or translations, after 4 months, i was curious and translated it, but it had already had a profound affect in my life.

Thank you for the confirmation that I am on the path that is for me, continue to inspire us Queen, ❤


Lisa M. Jean-Pierre- Lifestyle Concierge


 Thank YOU, Lisa. What a powerful testimony!

Doesn’t Lisa’s beauty shine not only from her bright smile but from her high energetic vibration? Her soul is lovely. Feel it.

We are all in this together. Lisa’s beautiful letter is confirmation for me that I am on the right path as well — as my new Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Meditations album just hit the airwaves. I will definitely be sending her a copy as a gift. Let’s all support her work. My work is all about helping you to answer you calling — and Lisa is answering hers. 

About Lisa’s Newest Venture:

‘As a Lifestyle Concierge, It is my desire to help my clients find balance. I am offering my services to all in need, focusing primarily on all people of color. I was in a retail location for several months, but it didn’t work for me. I am evaluating my options, setting up my online presence, and working on what is to come. Visit my product websites to learn more about the Organic/Toxic Free goodies I have in store. Essante Organics for Living the “Green” Way. Also, Neil’s Yard Remedies For Safe, Organic, Ethical Beauty Care Products! One aspect of my business is direct sales and I also create custom Formulations upon request.”

Let’s support her! If you see her around the web, give her a virtual hug and spend your dollars with her too.



The Metta Loving Kindness Meditation is Included on This Album:

Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Meditation Album

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