OK– so Ian Kerner is a PhD– so homeboy knows about these things. We already knew smell mattered, right? Ever caught a whiff on the subway at the wrong moment? Ewwww! Well smell has new uses. Wondering if he’s “the one”? Forget love at first sight and focus on love at first scent.

You know how a chance whiff of an old lover’s perfume or cologne can send you right back into the agony and the ecstasy of that relationship? WELL smell is a powerful sense that goes directly to the core of our emotional brain and it plays a key role in attraction.

Kerner’s research shows that a woman’s sense of smell can lead to us to Mr. Right, at least reproductively speaking, so I guess that would mean Mr. Right Now too. Research has shown that each of us will be attracted to people who poss a particular set of genes known as MHC. Mates with similar MHC genes produce healthier offspring with broad immune systems. Hmm.

But now you’re all– yeah but how do people who differ in their MHC find each other, Abiola? I’m just trynna match up sports teams and religions!! Haha. This isn’t fully understood, but we people appear to literally sniff out their mates. Yeah– this is what sexual “chemistry” is all about. We’re drawn to certain people, without quite knowing why. Well, we knew why– but now we know why– right? Wink wink!

reprinted info— i didn’t do the full studies, yet, but i will investigate!