He Was Married THREE Times! Am I Dating A Serial Monogamist? Luv Em Or Leave Em Dating Advice Video

Passionista Principle: “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~Mignon McLaughlin

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Every other week Tina Tobin the Advice Maven from Luv Em Or Leave Em sends over a relationship advice question.

This week’s love advice question:

  • Dear Abiola; My boyfriend, who I love,  has been married three times. He treats me very well but I am nervous about dating him and possibly getting married to a him in the future. Should I be?”

SHOULD you be nervous? Your man was married thrice and now he wants to marry you?!

Someone who has been married three times is most likely a serial monogamist.

What is a serial monogamist?
A serial monogamist is someone who goes from relationship to relationship with almost no break in between because they have fears and issues with being alone. Your man may also have Relationship ADD. Either way, this is definitely not someone you can trust in a relationship without some serious cognitive behavioral therapy. I’m just saying.

I would be extremely wary of dating a man or woman who had been married so many multiple times if I were you. Of course things happen. Trust mama! I am one husband in the hole so I am aware of that. But married three times and seeking to get married again? Something is awry.  

Personally I would RUN and never look back.

BUT if he treats you well and all seems to be a loving boyfriend while you are dating then I wouldn’t tell you to break up with your man. I would advise instead that you do not consider marrying this dude at all. You should live with your boyfriend for at least five years to make sure that he is serious. Watch the video, and if you can’t see it then click here to watch: “Dating Advice: Married Three Times.”

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