Let’s talk about how to conquer limiting beliefs about success!

Thank you to Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson for the invitation to speak at the Gratitude and Trust Summit.


How to believe in yourself…

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Gratitude and Trust - Inspiring Book


::::More information about the book: Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life” by Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson


Gratitude and Trust Summit Schedule of Transformational Speakers

“For anyone who has ever said “This is my last____” fill in the blank. For anyone who has tried time and time again to get a handle on their sugar addiction, compulsive shopping or negative thought patterns. For those who feel stuck in their job, their relationships or in their life. For all of us who just need to live our lives in gratitude and trust and love and service. This is a conference whose core is about shedding old worn out habits and replacing them with new, healthy, productive ones. We all have places in our lives that just need fixing.

The conference will be a day filled with motivational speakers and panels who will be sharing their experiences and ways of moving forward, offering tips, guidance and examples on how to get the life you want now. We will be starting off with the first affirmation from Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson’s bestselling book, Gratitude and Trust – Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life – Something Needs to Change And It’s Probably Me. “Soon is not a time” the time for change is now. This conference is the place to start.”

8:30 Opening

8:45 Tracey Jackson, Paul Williams, and Jeff Pulver

9:00 Chandresh Bharwaj @MeetChandresh

9:10 Fred Devito @fdevito

9:20 Danielle Smith @extraordinarymommy

9:30 Dave Kerpen @davekerpen

9:40 Lawrence Hajioff @rabbilawrence

9:50 Brian Moran @brianmoran

10:05 Ron Gold @The_RonnieG @LeanonWe

10:15 Maurita Corcoran @mauritacorcoran

10:25 Chuck Gallagher @chuckgallagher

10:35 Karen Fitzgerald @karenfitzTV

10:45 Paul and Tracey @IMpaulwilliams @TraceyJackson4

11:00 Robert Levithan @robertlevithan

11:10 Hollywood Anderson @hollywoodandyny

11:30 Mark Horvath @hardlynormal

11:40 Sam Simon @theactualdance

11:50 Lama Surya Das @lamasuryadas

12:00 Lunch

1:20 Tim McDonald @timamcdonald

1:30 Tricia Mumby @mumby

1:40 John Havens @johnchavens

1:50 Panel on Recovery with: James Grey, Judith Roberts, Adrienne Glasser moderated by Paul Williams

2:15 Clay Rivers @clayrivers

2:25 Neil Lasher @neillasher

2:35 Wes Hamil @weshamil

2:45 Greg Corbin @justgregpoet

3:00 Caroline Rothstein @cerothstein

3:10 Sally Quinn @sallyquinndc

3:20 Jeff Pulver @jeffpulver

3:30 Sukey Forbes @sukeyforbes

3:40 Diane Cameron @recoveryOOTW

3:50 Ari Teman @ariteman

4:05 Panel with Erica O’Grady, Laura McDonald, Jenna Drew, Fred DeVito moderated by Tracey Jackson

4:15 Larry Flick @larryflick

4:25 Tina Gasperson @tinahdee

4:35 Patricia Johnson and Mark A Michaels @tantrapm

4:45 Laura Huxley @speakerssecret

5:05 Robbie Vorhaus @vorhaus

5:15 Debbie Lillard @debbielillard

5:25 Peter Shankman @petershankman

5:35 Abiola Abrams @abiolatv

5:45 Closing Meditation with Michelle Lipper