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Who is Our Reader?

Our target goddess is a woman aged 28 to 45 with a sweet spot of women in their 30s. Sure our multicultural lifestyle advice blog and web TV series have won several awards and attracted major press, but our people don’t care about that. 

Get Coached by AbiolaThis is the site for Big Vision Women. Small thinkers need not apply. A sacred bombshell is a woman who wants to live her healthiest, happiest, best life. Our woman most likely has a degree or two and is serious about her career. She lives in an urban center and makes about forty to seventy five thousand dollars a year. She’s always known that there was more to life than her daily experience.

She lives to make a difference but her life also incuides fun, fashion, music, books and pop culture but is also grounded in the realities of life. She may be single or married but her relationships are super important and she’s always looking for ways to improve them. If she’s single, she could write a book about her crazy “love” adventures.

When she’s not grooving to Jill Scott, Alicia Keys or Adele or working out with Beyonce with her friends, she’s a big fan of OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network in addition to WE-TV and Bravo. When the “Real Housewives” of anything are duking it out, watching it on one of her screens front and center but “Scandal” is her weakness.

How to Have Self Confidence and Self EsteemOur technically savvy diva’s diet is not necessarily the best but she has a serious resolution to work on it. She still a fan of paper magazines. She’s got copies of her favorite niche publications like “Essence,” “Latina,” “Lilith” or “Bitch” right alongside her standards like “Vogue,” “Vanity Fair,” “ELLE” and “Glamour.” Yes, she was on that chick lit kick but now she’s taking it deeper.

This woman’s a fan of self-help, deeply immersed or just getting into it. Her favorite blogs include a mix of the Huffington Post, Jezebel and Clutch, beauty blogs like Curly Nikki and Cupcakes & Cashmere, and fashion blogs like Fashion Bomb Daily or Who What Wear.

She has disposable income when the economy is pumping and shops it high/low from Target for seasonal trends and Barney’s for staples. Yes, she’s all about a sale. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign had her at “hello,” she’s feeling the Greek yogurt trend and if Oprah Winfrey or Wendy Williams says check it out, she probably will give it a shot. It’s important for her to be in the know.

How to Live a Better LifeDon’t get it twisted though! Our queen will grab the latest scoop from TMZ and will NEVER confess that she got that skirt because she saw it on her favorite celeb first. So what? She plans on voting this election. She works hard but she hasn’t exactly figured out her passion. She came up watching “Sex and the City” and “Girlfriends” and still wants to have the good life.

When it comes to social media, she’s a facebook, twitter and pinterest junkie. When she finally feels ready for her closeup she’s be all over instagram. She eats whatever and has been on a diet at some point in the past. She considers her body, hair and her life a work in progress.

Our fabulous woman has no problem asking for advice when she needs it – or at least she’s learning to do so. She wants to be her best in love, fitness, beauty and inspiration. Yes, she’s hit Abiola up with an advice question or two and is ready to be coached to greatness. She enjoys also enjoys others gurus she can relate to like Afrobella, Curly Nikki, Gabby Bernstein or Gala Darling. She comes to Abiola’s Passionista Playbook for relationship advice plus positive living and inspiration. The smart, sassy and bold woman who frequents this site might find us via Google or from a friend. She most likely joins the passionista evolution via one of the major social media hubs: YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram.

Coming up on the site over the next twelve months – more, more, MORE passionate living: more advice videos, sleeker interviews, cool shop, reader’s community and forum with challenges, confessions and more ways to be interactive PLUS more branded entertainment and sponsor partnerships that benefit our passionista in her quest to be the best she can be.

Check out our reader/viewer profiles below.





Angela is 37, living it up in New York City. She is a graphic designer. She’s been called bohemian, a hippie and hipster and has no problem with any of it. Her main stopping ground is Brooklyn, NY. She sometimes attends open mic nights to sing with her best friend who does comedy. Yes, she’s way into the fact that she’s a Gemini.

Angela is happily single, carefree and embraces all of her cultures as a first generation American. She has her own company and is trying to figure out where to take it next. Shopping is fun but she’d rather read a great book that can teach her something. She’s big into TV though and a vegetarian workout fanatic. This free spirit indulges in pole fitness to vamp up her curves.




nia bride


Nia is 33 and dreaming of being a bride. She details her adventures in her own anonymous diary blog called “Always a Bridemaid.” She’s dating a couple of guys so we’ll see what happens. She just graduated from law school and is an associate at a top firm. Her icon is her hometown girl Michelle Obama. That’s right. She’s from Chi-town and she’s going to find her very own Barack.

Nia loves a high end bag like and LV or Gucci and knows exactly what’s in and what’s out. She needs good relationship advice because she’s going to find her prince and she knows it for a fact. She has no problem flaunting her curves and considers herself thick and voluptuous. Her favorite YouTube channels are all about her natural hair. She’s proud of her heritage.



laney 3

Laney is 42 and an avid student of holistic healing and the law of attraction. She’ll soon be a newlywed and self proclaimed wellness freak. Her two dogs Cupcake and Rumi are her only babies… for now. Laney is at a point in her life where she knows what matters and wants more. She works for a major women’s magazine and avoids TV like the plague. Her goal is to get her hubby off the couch to help with their upcoming Los Angeles home renovation. She got the plans from the Anna White Homemaker blog.

Laney’s personal guru is Iyanla Vanzant but Kris Carr helped her to remake her diet. That new Meryl Street flick? She’s front and center. When it comes to fashion Laney is a DIY and vintage queen.





Kisha is 31 and focused. Becoming a young mom didn’t stop her flow one single beat. She’s been an empowerment fan from jump and is excited to be learning that there’s more. She loves to be inspired, especially when it comes to beauty and food. Yes, she can burn in the kitchen, honey.

Kisha was raised in the church in Houston and worked hard to buy her home and her car in Atlanta — cash. She’s a dental technician with a gentle hand… sort of. She’s married to her daughter’s dad and she likes to keep life with her man steamy. She learned the value of hard work from her father and mother.


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