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hey loves,

welcome to the first workday of the fourth quarter—it’s the last quarter of the year—time to ante up!!! 😉

meaning—this is a great time to asses our goals that we set out in january, or if goals is too aggressive a word for us, this is the perfect time to review the pictures we have in our minds of how we’d like to create our lives. are you following your bliss? start from wherever you are, point in the direction and flowwww…

lots of new and exciting things are going in my life.

i had dedicated my summer to de-cluttering my life. however, there was a lot going on, so i am extending this de-cluttering objective to the end of the year. really though, we should be always honing and de-cluttering. now when i say de-cluttering, i mean (a) in an obvious way—letting go of all of our “stuff.” the things that take up physical space in our lives that we think are so important—these things we acquire and spend time perusing to distract ourselves from ourselves. the stuff! also (b) de-cluttering in a non-obvious way. clutter is always about fear. we hoard to feel safe, so clutter is anything you need to release—things, people, bodyfat… aha! as i’ve read lately, we have to have the courage to be willing to risk releasing who we are for who we might become. be willing to face the void—because there never really is a void as we never walk alone, right? if things, relationships, weight, whatever, are not moving you toward the life you envision for yourself, you’ve gotta move on… risk the void!

my casa is looking lovely though—i spent a lot of time and elbow grease filling my home with love and as a result it’s loving me back. the goddess factory is looking hot! lol…. if you are not happy with your environment, i encourage you to get it together and stop complaining about it. it feels so good to come home and live and work in a space filled with beauty. even if you are in a temporary space, fill it with flowers, joy, love and great people. if you don’t sync with your current space, you’ll take that space wherever you go. i promise…

how was your summer? or, correction—how is your summer—she’s still here! who? our lovely sister summer!! i will be working every day for the next month with my laptop outdoors to take full advantage.

so what was i up to this summer? lot’s of living yummy. i kicked it off with celebrating the release of eve ensler’s latest anthology, a monologue, a poem, a rant and a prayer, which features my writing alongside the writings of maya angelou, edward albee, alice walker, edwidge danticat, michael eric dyson etc. eve is one of the great heroes in my life and i had the supreme pleasure of catching a biography of her the other night on lifetime or oxygen. eve ensler is proof that individuals can make a difference. with her mostly volunteer army v-day, eve has spent the past 10 years focused on bringing peace and stopping violence against girls and women. i remember when her book the vagina monologues came out, i honestly think that i had never even said the word vagina out loud, and certainly not in mixed company. i blushed each time i even mentioned her show! lol…. eve is a beautiful blessed spirit and she completely rocks. it was empowering to participate in a reading at the culture project in nyc alongside such luminaries as carol gilligan and dylan mcdermott. yeah! people power!

i was also fantastically blessed to have another birthday this summer, which was so much fun. my party was at billie’s black in harlem. the owner adrienne feeds us on my tv show as well. my friends and i enjoyed their delicious drinks and hors devours but i can’t help wishing that we’d chosen a more sexy environment vs family style, like my constant haunt mocabar. however, it’s just one party, in a lifetime of parties. my girls kristal and patranila totally took care of me and the party was awesome. one of the recent things that i had to do in completion of my book was acknowledgements—the thank yous to those who had my back while creating the project. it felt so good to publicly thank folks—so i am doing the same for my bday party– check it out below… thank you so much to all of my friends for sharing yourselves and your love with me! i got the best gifts– is there somebody you can thank today and share appreciation with?

hmmm… we also had a fantastic party for my show the best shorts planned by skai young where we announced the short film finalist filmmakers at the club home in nyc. go to to find submission info for next season. the energy there was electric.

oh—and i built my new interactive website, which you can still find at or . i love it. there will be new stuff uploaded on a regular basis, so check it out. thank you to my friend and BET DP patrick for your advice that inspired me to make it better. while everyone else kept telling me how much they loved my site, patrick said, your site sucks and here’s why! well, that’s not exactly what he said, but that is what it felt like. be always grateful for constructive criticism. it pushes us to be greater.

hope to see you this fall—i am gearing up for the simon and schuster december 11th release of my debut novel DARE, a fun, sexy and motivational story—just like moi!!! hahahahaa… ? I just received the cover and the galleys—advance print copies with a gazillion mistakes for review, kinda like watching an unedited film. you can pre-order the fabulous actual book on amazon:

also, check my schedule on my website. i’ll be in dc for bet’s rap it up safe sex campaign, and i am also hosting the african american literary awards in nyc on september 29th –

i am also participating on mondays in the indigo room podcast. listen here: come on in the second hour.

drum roll, please…. whoo hoo!! i am also hosting the american black film festival awards in los angeles for TBS and BET—thanks mucho to my producer sean joell johnson—yay! i am also making an appearance at the urban mediamakers festival in atlanta— to ralph scott, miles maker and the creative cheryle reynolds.

oh yeah—and how could i forget, a preview of project celebrity, my beloved project created with my peeps kristal mosley and ibrahim yilla screened at aaron ingram’s monthly perks invent. the clip in progress we showed was about working with actress maia campbell to help her get her life back on track and the caring and thoughtful feedback was wonderful.

so much, so much– yipeeeee—and i am so grateful. i am no longer using the expression an embarrassment of riches, because there is no embarrassment in joy, wealth, abundance and blessings. happiness is your birthright. i know that for some of us this is near blasphemy, but i promise you that you deserve joy now—not just when the things you want arrive, but right now. claim it and be!

talk soon…


p.s. don’t forget to let me know what you think about my new site (thanks also luci for feedback) and everything else.

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