Latham Thomas, the Glow Maven, is a celebrity doula and author of new book, “Own Your Glow.”

In this powerful and inspiring interview, we talk self-love, owning your power and self-actualization. Listen in on our sacred conversation below, or head over to now to read more inspiring advice from Latham Thomas. 

Latham Thomas on Her New Book, “Own Your Glow”

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“Get Own Your Glow” by Latham Thomas
Latham Thomas Interview

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Latham Thomas: Witnessing each other is healing:

There’s a basic human need to be seen, heard, and feel a sense of belonging. At the roots of everything that is troubling our society are those three things. A baby learns in the first two hours of life whether or not the world is a safe place. It’s through nurturing that we teach children and that we support them so they feel confident and develop emotional intelligence and empathy and feel loved, right? That witnessing is really about someone being able to become.

We can glimpse a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. It’s almost like time stops. We witness someone in an experience of transformation when they’re crossing a threshold. They get to the other side with something that they didn’t have when they started. That is a profound place to stand as you support because you’re actually holding space for that journey and also for the integrity of the experience and to protect the person that’s actually in transition or in transit and the transmission of energy around them that you’re holding space for.

Sometimes, there’s a moment someone’s going through that’s challenging and you’re like, “I don’t know what to say.” You don’t have to say. Most of time it’s just being there. I think the witnessing is about supporting someone as they’re becoming but also learning to be present, a constant presence of support.


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