Knowing How to PLEASURE Yourself! Bombshell Handbook (VIDEO)

Knowing How to PLEASURE Yourself! Bombshell Handbook (VIDEO)

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How to Pleasure Yourself: Abiola’s Bombshell Academy Day #5

Passionista Principle: Know how to please yourself!

**SPECIAL NOTE: If you are under 18, please go watch me on MTV’s Made instead.

Hey Rockstars,

It’s Day #5 of Abiola’s Bombshell Academy sponsored by Terra Fossil Wines’ 30 Days of Wine Madness, a heart healthy campaign. We are talking about the art of self-pleasure. How to please yourself and love your body

This video features Candida Royalle’s Natural Contours line, Good Vibrations, Babeland, Eden’s Fantasy, Trojan Vibrations and Durex Play. Talk about safe sexuality. It doesn’t get much safer!

It’s time to raise your sensual self esteem. Check it out! 

P.S. Thanks to Kristal Mosley from iCreateTV for the ab fab editing. 

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