Our professional astrological wonder Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull has a message to share with Keyshia Cole. Her open letters to DMX on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life,‘ to Kenya Moore of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and review of Beyonce’s “Life is But a Dream” documentary struck a cord, and she’s coming from a place of love and blessings once again. 

As usual, we leave in Goddess Yaddie’s unique language, grammar, spelling and energetic communication approach because it’s all part of how she communicates her magic. Her opinions are her own and we’re lucky to have her. Take it away, queen-goddess-aa


For Keyshia,

Hi. Pardon the delay in addressing this. We wanted to share this note just in case no one else has. Key, you seen the popular Erykah Badu video “Window Seat” right? Recall what she fingered-wrote out on the ground in blue ink, at the end of it? Yes, “Group Think.” Google that term and this one too: “100 Monkeys Experiment”, not only will you realize where the term “monkey see monkey do” derive from you’ll also overstand why “Herd Mentality” is sadly, very real. I say “sadly” due to the fact that “the herd collective consciousness” is usually in unison for something very negative/trivial.

Woman to Woman Album by Keyshia ColeIt takes A LOT of courage to speak against [publicly] anything or anyone that you know that the masses have been programmed to celebrate. For now, never mind what the context is, You Did it! For this alone, I salute you!

When the “Davids” of the world make a concerted effort to defend the “Goliaths” of the world, [especially against other ‘davids’] we instinctively think of the “Herd Mentality” unconscious warped state. We do!

Key, some of those tweeters CAME FOR YOU like they were getting’ paid to do so. Huh? ‘Talkin’ ‘bout you wasn’t in the arena and couldn’t get in. …like they could? Stop it!


At least when singer Keri Hilson made “her comments” about Bey, having said so, a fear of her own career not launching like she’d like is what a psychologist could surmise. But what’s the excuse of B’s fans getting’ at you for B? Their lifestyle shall remain the same whether B remains a HIGHLIGHTED star or not. A psychologist could say (and one has, I call her my homie) that Keri felt compelled to opine there to make way for her own star rise—to the heights she desired. And B’s dominant presence on the music scene may have caused her some insecurities. Who knows?

Ooo, speaking to that past matter, up here, it’s rumored that that person that allegedly ATTACKED Hilson on the street could have been more than just an obsessed fan. It’s storied that they could have been “hired” to do that. I know, conjecture. But Hilson seems to have been silenced ever since. If we heard this up here, chances are you also heard it down there. And to STILL speak your mind on Twitter? Again, courage. Salute!


Keyshia-cole-calling-all-heartsKeyshia Cole Gibson, you are a Libra. Libra is governed by MA’AT. Libra sees the ratio, it works to strike a balance. Highlighting the paradox to which you spoke, is ALL LIBRA. The fact that it was YOU saying it—a celebrated talent in your own right is what (with the way we’ve been programmed to regard public figures) kinda validates the statement. Hence, the quick fiery backlash!

  • Some “surly energy” sought to SHUT-YOUR-SAY DOWN!

 What got us unnerved here, not so much what you said, not so much how the public/tweeters CAME AT YOU for saying it—exercising your 1st Amendment Rights, as they did.  But…how a known male CAME FOR YOU. Yes, that radio personality. Icky! Just icky!

“You can’t be a real [man] and have hatred for females…” ~Star

No, I don’t know Charlamagne personally. Yet, his rant [at you] resonated personally. I’ll tell you why.

Keyshia_ColeI immediately recalled having once interviewed for a radio gig, to co-host it. The interview was held in the co-host styled radio sitting. The topic we were discussing was “Spanking your Children.” It was a contest of sorts. He was hosting said styled ‘on air interviews’ all that week and the listeners were to call in/email in to vote for who they thought would make the best co-host for him.

So he assigned each gal had a different topic to discuss with him on the air.

I was kinda up to offer my take on “corporal punishment.” This was the topic he chose for he and I to discourse (more like DEBATE…from his end) on. Cause I had not too long ago watched the movie “Antoine Fisher” again, where Denzel Washington’s character speaks to how we picked that horrible trait up from the Plantation. Then I recalled how Oprah once mentioned that her bestie Gayle had never been spanked by her parents. That, along with all of my Dr. Joy DeGruy “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” studies, I just knew he and most of his listeners would really appreciate all that I was about to impart. Logical, right?

Nope! Not to he. Or his listeners… Group Think.

Keyshia_Cole_-_A_Different_MeKeyshia, he WENT IN! Acted a Plumb Fool! He was [in that moment] TOTALLY AGAINSTnot spanking your child. Felt that kids need that! Added, that when he met adults who claim that they’ve never been beat by a parent, how he didn’t really fancy their basic attitude/personality.

It felt like more than just his personal “spirited” [as he labeled his behavior in an inbox email to me a day after our on air foolery] take on child-whipping. His tone and fierce DELIVERY felt like a personal vendetta against who? YOURS TRULY.

I couldn’t make heads or tails outta it at first. I too walk with a load of Libra in me. Meaning, my mind looks for the logic first. Didn’t even consider “emotion” initially, his or mine, too busy trying to extract the logic [if there was any…per my barometer] from his diatribe.

I’m fair. Libras rule fairness.

Just_like_You_(Keyshia_Cole_album)Thus, if his argument read logically, I would have gracefully conceded.

I’m thinking… “Who could be THIS PASSIONATE about hitting kids?”

Then I thought… “Is this really about the ‘kids’, or…is this about me?”

The passion was displaced. Displaced Dissonance to the NTH DEGREE! He could have totally made his point minus the ATTACKING intonations.

He’s a Scorpio. I took this passionate sign’s natural energy into account. Then I recalled that “revenge” is also a Scorpion entity. Whether the revenge is warranted or not…it’s still Scorpion’s dominion.

Yet, logic wouldn’t let go.

He and I have never met in person. We have no personal-passionate history. He’s expending A LOT of ENERGY on a virtual stranger. Huh?

We met on FB for Pete’s Sake! Dude, get a grip!

Then spirit gave me the REAL reason why an assumed heterosexual male would initiate/engage in a such a caustic tongue-wrangler [damn near catty] session with a woman:

I must have said something or wrote something that STUNG the Stinger {Scorpio}.

“Tiny’s” face came to mind as well as “Solange’s”.

A while ago, when Tiny’s first reality TV show aired, the one she did with Toya. This man WENT IN on Tiny! You name it, from soup to nuts. He even mentioned [what he considered] her ‘bad’ hair coloring. In a separate post he WENT IN on Solonge when she went with her natural hair. To his credit, he did mention [in said vid] how he could connect with why she [may have] did it {to appear to have her own niche, her own brand, separate from her popular sister’s}, citing how popular his brother was in sports, etc. Yet, still REEMED her!

Now, to manage my own hypocrisies, I didn’t see what I wrote [on said thread] as a “david” defending “goliath” against another “david.” As this guy has told me ‘he has over two thousand fb friends’, a huge following. Hence, a popular guy in his own right.

He also told me [or tried to convince me, sway my own logic…didn’t work] in that same inbox reply how with THAT many fb-friends, he hardly has the time to go over or be vengeful at each and every one that disagrees with him. But few do. Few disagree [from what I noticed back then] with his rants/posts. So when someone does—THEY STAND OUT.

Keyshia cole way it is albumMoreover, I study the metaphysics and I know the karmic gravity of “acting in concert.” Even the law has a charge using that very same term.

e.g.: You know how a comedian while performing his or her standup may say something REALLY offputting. Then he’ll close [the joke] with, “I’m going to hell for that one. Y’all going too, you laughed.” Yes, that. If you only knew just how karmically correct such a statement is. Not in the context of the proverbially ‘hell’ destination, but in the context of “same destination” wherever, spiritually, that might be.

Another example: Ladies, do you know how when you are in a circle of girlfriends, y’all all share sincere closeness, do you find it odd that y’all tend to get your periods around the same dates?

Again, what you espouse, the spiritual realm sees you in a cluster—as one.

With that said, I knew RIGHT THEN & THERE not to type [in response] the auto “lol” like I did on some of his previous sincerely funny posts (funny, yet harmless).

Under said posts, I wrote something along the lines of, paraphrasing:

“…this is not funny. A grown man GOIN’ IN on a female? You’d think that someone that closely resembles Tiny [or Solonge, on that particular post] hurt his feelings in third grade and now he seizes the chance to GET BACK! When it reads ‘this’ personal, yet you don’t know the person personally for them to have ever dissed you—it just doesn’t make sense!”

I then moved on scrolling downward enjoying the usual fb experience. Didn’t think no mo about it. Figured he wouldn’t even see it—being that he had sooo many reply-comments with “Lols” and praises for his “Tiny” disses. How my “lonely one” [that countered all of those] even caught his notice is anyone’s guess.

He denied it—my Psych 101 reasoning behind all the rudeness.

Despite that, I still believe what my perception resolved.

My belief my right.

Conversely, his belief his right.

We’re all entitled to this!


“No one can ever really hurt you. They can only stimulate the hurt that’s already within you.” ~paraphrased from The Book of TAO

In short, something about Tiny, Solonge, stimulated his commentary in that moment. And my fb-reply on his thread articulating that possible “stimulation” STIMULATED a whole nutha caustic cell for him. It had to have.

When a few of my friends studied a picture he posted, one of him and Wendy Williams and another male, they really studied it and wondered if he was heterosexual? No diss. Just a sincere curious wonder.

After his ATTACK on me, they wondered no longer. Now they could be wrong. But here’s why this is their resolve.

[WAIT: ‘Cause the JohnnyNaySayer’s psyche is so predictable…they’re usually narrow-minded, but wanna elect to expand it when it’s necessary for them to further the foolery. To they & their audience: No, we know that each and every gay male is not given to spewing unwarranted unprovoked catty toxic tongues of war. Not the point here.]

Recall that Dr. Oz show, the one he did on the “water?” You may still be able write away for the transcripts [providing they’ve left it ALL in]. On said show, he mentioned how when “toxins” are poured into the ocean all the nearby male fish turn female. This isn’t opinion, this is science.

Recall biology class where it was taught that females are acidic and males are alkaline? If you know about alkaline water, what do they call it? Yes, “Magic Water.”

This is why we like males. Some of us may even prefer their company. I’m not just speaking in the romantic sense. They are enjoyable company due to them [most of them] being cattykernel-free. J

When they behave opposite this alkalined-energy, what do his friends usually say to him? Yes, they scoff, “Why you actin’ like a B!tch?”

This rebuff is auto! Their not even in recall from what they learned in school, in Anatomy & Physiology class. And they damn sure ain’t recalling no Dr. Oz show on water, either. Something instinctually occurs in their logic that “toxic” behavior is attributtal to negative female behavior.

Keyshia, I shared all of this with you, yes to make you feel better about ‘that’ situation (if you don’t feel so already, I know it’s been a little while), but also to let you know that there’s at least one, or a few (considering my crew over here) out here in publicville that ain’t on that herd-mentality ish. Independent Thinkers are rare—but WE’RE HERE! <3


“Sameness is Lameness.” ~Unknown

“Even in the minority of ONE, the TRUTH is STILL THE TRUTH.” ~Gandhi (paraphrased)

Keyshia, see “A.A. Rashid’s” post, a dated one, yet he’s one of those rare dudes! One that saw something inorganic/odd (to the quintessential heterosexual man) with a male gettin’ at Lil’ Mama (another Libra, btw) on his radio show; yet gonna run when your like gender ROLL UP ON YOU wit’ dem hammers! It was A.A.’s post that I saw first, then that made me go look for the one where he badgered Lil’ Mama. I’m wondering…could “he” have been paid to do that? To verbally needle a female? In such vitriolic way? #justspeculating

‘Could someone have been still upset over her getting up on that stage wit’ them that day? Just a thought. If not—if he wasn’t paid. And just decided to do “that” on his own… ugh. Not masculine in the least. I can see why you twitter-unfriended him [his mention]. Tell me…something else just came to mind, did you “twitter-unfriend” dude before or after he made you “that” for the day?

If you did so before, “the why” for his catty rant makes even more sense [though no sense].

*If you did so after his catty Keyshia declarations—your tweety-defriending definitely makes sense!

The nerve of this guy! ‘Calling you “that” for the day. …Sistas over here cited he looks more like one than you do. And on the daily, per his ratchet insights, namely on females, he definitely behaves more like one than you do! #theiropiniontheirentitled


Either way, ma. Know that there are some non-d** riders on this dense dimension {though our #s are few} that if they have to ride it’ll be for sane mathematical logic versus icky egonic illogical lunacy.


Mrs. G. I’ve left you with some videos for your enlightenment [don’t view/listen to his…that’s for other readers’ convenience; in case they’re not familiar with this case]. Star mentions the “ick-factor” with a dude hatin’ on a female. He’s brash, as you know. But that point coming from a man [one that happens to be a legendary radio personality in his own right] is soooo key herein!

And “itsrox” she mentions it too pertaining to Sally pickin’ on a female. These “notices” are so rare that when you hear ‘em you damn near CELEBRATE!

Still thinkin’ about the nerve of some egos…

…gonna tell you who to “SQUARE UP” wit’… Huh? He ain’t even square up wit’ dudes that LAID THA HAMMERS on him! Sigh…

Watch him in the studio wit’ Game, wit’ men, period. He NEVER goes after them like he does a female. Why?

Keyshia, love your honesty, in music and in say. Stay Strong! Stay True.


With Balanced Affection,

Mama G. <3


Grear’s Resource List:

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Some saw this as “Lil’ Mama” Karma: http://youtu.be/yzr4Fc86zAA

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