Jackie Collins & Lucky Santana, From Poor Little Bitch Girl to Goddess of Vengeance

Passionista Principle: I know I give people a lot of pleasure, I take them out of their lives. They have fun. ~ Jackie Collins

Hey Rockstars,

It was my EXTREME PLEASURE to get bestselling author Jackie Collins in front of my cameras for a fabulous sit down interview about her new novel “Goddess of Vengeance.” I was fortunate to be able to chat with her briefly about her last novel “Poor Little Bitch Girl” this year we got to do a full fledged Abiola Meets Jackie interrogation interview.

When you sit down with a woman like Jackie you want to ask her everything. Jackie Collins is after all an O.G., Original Goddess. Check out the video to see what the author of 27 New York Times bestsellers and 400 million books sold worldwide has to say about sex, role play advice, being a bad girl, reform school or Hollywood, Joan Collins, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” hot monogamy and more.

Fabulous! If you can’t see my Jackie Collins “Goddess of Vengeance” video click here. Jackie was worth interrupting my Bombshell Academy for. Videos will resume tomorrow… Don’t forget to also check out my recent interviews with actress Diane Farr from “Numb3rs” and “Rescue Me” and Bridget Marquardt of E! Network’s “The Girls Next Door.”

Abiola Abrams at Jackie Collins' Goddess of Vengeance Party

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