Is Cyber Sex Cheating? Love, Sex, Dating Advice, video below.

Most of us practically live online. I know I do. We shop, date, socialize, cheat…. Uh, cheat?
Yeah, as you know, faster than you can change your facebook profile to “It’s Complicated” that chick or dude you’re dating can be off chatting, getting skanky and cyber flirting with the next person. Damn.
As we speak actress Eva Longoria is divorcing NBA player Tony Parker for having a sexting relationship with another woman. Ouch. The question remains though: Is an un-consumated electronic relationship cheating?  
Watch for my answer and advice. This video was created as a part of Tina Tobin’s Love Em Or Leave Em Dating Advice video series.

If you can’t see this video click here for my “Is Cyber Sex Cheating?” Advice Video

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