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Twitter has been one of the most popular and widely used social networking sites that allow you to keep track of your friends and people you are interested in. Twitter is more than just a social networking site because it also helps you meet your weight loss needs. By registering to Twitter for free, you can start posting your tweets in 140 characters or less. Twitter is simple to use in telling your friends what you are thinking or up to, but do you wonder how to use Twitter for weight loss?

Abiola says, body love is the name of the game in any weight lose plan. Focus on health, fitness and well being vs. beauty ideals.

Here are the top 5 ways to use Twitter for your weight loss needs:

1. Use Twitter Weight Loss apps.

Twitter has been an online networking site, which people use to share their thoughts and what’s happening to them. During the past years that Twitter has been out, it has grown to more than just a social networking site that you can post tweets. Twitter has included various apps that can be used including weight loss apps that help you lose weight effectively. Some of these weight loss apps on Twitter are community driven and some are just simple tools to use to track your weight loss status.

Twitter apps that you can use for weight loss:

  • Weight Loss charts

Weight loss charts is a special app that sues charts to monitor your weight. You can send tweets to the app using your Twitter or through Google bot.

  • Twackit

This a Twitter app used to track your weight online. A user can use this app by sending tweets to @twackit. The tweets should also contain a 3hashtag describing the weight information. An example of which is @twackit 110#weightloss. This hashtag describes the weight as 110 pounds.

  • Ugomo

Ugomo is another Twitter app that can be used to track your exercise or workouts. Using Ugomo, you can tweet a hashtag and a numerical value to record your exercises. Examples include #swim, #weight, # walk, #bike, #run.

  • Everyday health Weight Loss                                 

This app is used in Twitter to search for fitness tips and nutrition information. You can use the app at @EverydayHealth.

2. Get Support from Twitter Friends.

One of the advantages of Twitter is you never lose someone who can support you with all your endeavors. Twitter friends become a supportive group of people who can assist you and support you in things like losing weight.

3. Tweet your calories away.

Fun/silly fact: Twitter is very simple to use, but did you know that every tweet you make burns up to 1-1.05 calories? That’s amazing right? Twitter is available all day long so you can opt to tweet as often as you want. The more tweets you make, the more calories you burn.

Abiola says: A better way to tweet your calories away is to use Twitter as a food and fitness journal. If you tweet every meal or workout then it raises the accountability factor.

4. Find Inspiring people on Twitter.

Since Twitter is used worldwide and by a variety of people, you can find people who are into weight loss or have been to weight loss and have been successful. In doing this, you get to connect with other people with the same goals as you have and inspire each other through your tweets.

Abiola says: Follow weight loss gurus to get inspirational tweets from regarding wellness. Make the distinction between healthy thinspiration and unhealthy pro-ana or pro-mia disguised as “thinspo.”  

Since Twitter is very easy to use, you just have fun tweeting and checking tweets of other people. Losing weight should be fun so using a fun site like Twitter makes you even more motivated in losing weight.

Amarendra writes for Weight Loss Truimph site and occasionally for Amarendra writes about Medifast and Nutrisystem, which are weight loss programs. Visit this page to learn more.

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