Goddess energy encompasses our entire feminine experience: It’s wild and messy, yet regal and wise. Stormy and fierce, but nurturing and loving. Mystical and creative, yet grounded and discerning. It’s an energy that we—and our planet—have been missing for a very long time.

You see, for millennia, our feminine goddess power has been suppressed. Generations of women have been convinced by the patriarchy that they’re not powerful. And these lies have carried into how we show up today.

If you ever doubt your own greatness or feel like an impostor in your own life…

If you “followed their rules” and you’re still unhappy…

If you are not living a life that makes you feel joyful and alive…

The time is now to reclaim your feminine power—on your own terms—by working with the divine energies of the African goddesses.

The truth is that you—no matter your age or heritage—have divine goddess energy within you. But if yours has been stifled like it has for so many women, you’re likely living as a shadow of your true, magnificent self. You keep yourself small to keep people happy. You shy away from conflict because you don’t want to seem brash. You don’t set boundaries that are necessary for your health.

But with the help of the goddesses, you can reawaken your personal power by invoking their extraordinary qualities in your life—and when you do this, you can craft the life you were meant to live and live up to your full potential.

In this online course, you’ll embark on a sacred healing journey—filled with ancient rituals and transformational practices—to ignite the goddess within, with the help of 7 incredible African goddesses.

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