Manifest Your Power Goddess Circle NYC July (Photo Diary)

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Manifest Your Power Goddess Circle NYC July (Photo Diary)

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Join me at the next Manifest Your Power Goddess Circle. I have dates coming up in NYC, London and the Bahamas. Join my Meetup at to stay in the loop. 

Hey Goddess,

Are you ready?

It’s my birthday eve (whooo hoo!) and I wanted to share with you the new mantra for my tribe.

Much love to the badass NYC goddesses who came through the other night for our intimate Manifest Your Power NYC Goddess Sister Circle — photo album below.

I made a new video for you from my heart about our NEW MANTRA (BELOW) this morning on the track — puffy eyes and all!

So what’s the new mantra?

You already know it…


Here’s the Thing…

Generally, the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule applies to everything, meaning that you get 80 percent of your success from 20 percent of your actions.

It also means that usually 20 percent of the people in a group are the ones who go for it. I’ve noticed this across the years in various programs and situations.

Last night we had the initial call for the Spiritpreneur Money Mindset Reset Summer Camp of amazing goddesses who invested financially in themselves to make a shift.

Guess what?

Only 20 percent of the people who ALREADY paid to make their vision come true even showed up to the call.

And of the 20 percent who showed up, only 20% of them were bold enough to participate.

I have done this — purchased programs and products and then not showed up for myself.

Why? Because I was getting ready to get ready.

The time has come to stop stopping yourself.

Don’t be the 80 percent.

Be the 20 percent.

Don’t be the sideliner, the not ready yet, coulda, would, shoulda goddess.

You are ready.

Quickie Video for YOU, Made with Love Today –


[YouTube Video Link]


“I am ready. Life Loves me. I got this.”

You are ready.

This is the time.

This is the place.

You are the woman.



YES!! NYC Goddess Circle Photo Diary


Thanks for coming through last minute. What a beautiful shift we shared.

I have stops coming up in London, NYC and the Bahamas – join my Meetup at to stay in the loop. Yay!!

Goddess Circle NYC


Goddess Circle NYC

Mantra - I am Ready - Goddess Circle

Goddess Circle NYC


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