A Gift from me. My Extended Truth Affirmation.

I am that I am, a co-creator with my source. I am the daughter of all that there is and today I accept me. The truth is that I am a miracle, perfect in my imperfections. If my Creator has accepted me as such, who am I to reject myself? I accept myself completely. Previously I was bound up in my fears and perceived imperfections, mishaps and missteps. I flagellated myself daily for not yet being perfect. Now I know the truth, that I am a daughter of the universe.
I am free from this tired self-critique.

I may not be where I planned to be but I am exactly where I need to be.
I accept me. I am that I am, a co-creator with my source. Because I accept and love myself, I continue to work tirelessly on improving me, feeding myself with the books, company and nourishment needed for this journey. I toast to the wonder that I am. I am worthy of love and acceptance. Because I have absolute faith I trust this truth and deny all evidence to the contrary as lies.

I am more than this earthly body.
I need not approval of man or woman. I am free.
I release doubt and banish anxiety. I am at peace– not where I planned to be, but I am exactly where I need to be, a magical place where an abundance of blessings has lifted me up. I know that I am not an island but a part of something greater than all human understanding.

I am the expert on me.
I know more about me than any guru or soothsayer. I am a gift of love and I live my life honestly, true to that which I am, daughter of my Creator. I no longer participate in limiting untruths or lies. My words have power and I realize this today. I am free at last.

I will no longer wait until I am thin enough, educated enough, or perfect enough to be great. I step into the Creator’s glory today perfect in my imperfections. I will be a great me today so that the me of tomorrow can arrive. My behavior is her red carpet. Today I accept the truth, that I am the Creator’s perfect miracle. And so it is, as for this I am so grateful.