Positive affirmation cards are a powerful self-care tool.

i created these free, printable affirmation cards with love, especially for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Are you feeling down?

Just need a reminder of your greatness?

Want to inspire yourself?

Are you starting to give up?

Are you in dire need of affirmation?

I’m the creator of 3 decks: the Womanifesting Goddess Affirmation Cards, African Goddess Affirmation Cards and Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journaling Cards.

But here’s a fun and inspiring free set of motivational affirmation cards you can begin with right now.

Here’s a printable mini-deck of affirmation cards that can serve as your daily reminder to keep it going. 

Print and Enjoy!

Free Positive Affirmation Cards


Why affirmation cards?

Everyone needs affirmation.

Even the strongest and most motivated person gets tired too. So if you’re the person who loves to have something positive handy that you can keep in your bag, wallet or place on your computer, here is something that can really help you.


1) My work is a gift to my community.
2) It is fun to create my own Spiritpreneur business.
3) I easily accept money for my services.
4) My soulmate clients love me.
5) Putting myself out there comes natural to me.
6) I am worthy and deserving of all good.
7) I am a magnet attracting the perfect soulmate clients and customers for me.
8) It feels great to embrace and welcome my wealth.
9) My message is enough.



Self-Love Cards - Journal Cards

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