What is holding you back from doing the work you came to do? 



Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Do you have failure to launch syndrome?

Sometimes this is disguised as perfectionism. Other times it’s impostor syndrome. Everything has to be perfect for you to get it out there… But if course, nothing is ever perfect. So you never get it out there and you keep being the best kept secret. Boooo!

My mission this year is to solve your failure to launch issue by helping you to either launch that mission of yours or take it to the next level.

But here’s something funny I noticed recently, I’ve been preparing and preparing my new Hear Me Roar, Sacred Business Academy, and Still I Rise programs and my Spiritpreneur podcast– and doing the same thing I am rallying against.

It’s so funny!! We are all subject to the same issues.

Save the dates: February 24th and 26th, 2015 at 7pm EST. I’ll be giving info soon on how you can join my 2-Day Best Year Ever: Create Your Bombshell Breakthrough Year Blueprint program.

This is an inexpensive $197 program I created just for my coaching clients but I’ll be making it available for you too – FREE!!

I just want this to be your year– finally. No more failure to self-launch, okay?

More info soon. Stay tuned.

xoxo, Abiola

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