Spiritual entrepreneur alert – stop being your own worst client! You are bold, beautiful and had the courage to answer your calling. So how are you still the one thing holding yourself back from your greatness?

Ever met someone who ROCKED at procrastinating?

She seems to be full of amazing ideas but are at its execution. Time just is not enough to get that list of aspirations and mega goals to turn from what they are into realities. At some point we and others around this person would get really tired of these ever pouring in excuses.

Truth is sometimes we are that person. We can be the very clog stopping the flow of our success.
It is often a very easy job to keep tabs on another individuals performance. Ensure the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. We keep our clients so accountable to us that they hardly ever falter and they bless us for it.

What then is the problem with carrying the same THRILL LEVEL on managing other peoples projects that we put our dreams last on the list. Every minute is spent trying to impress some other person, that there is no time left for some personal development.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the strict disciplinarian here with a big cane ready to trash it out. We have all been stuck at this point at one time of our lives or the other. The problem arises when you refuse to unstick yourself and move on.

Right now however, I’m showing to you that you have the right for some personal emancipation. Set aside some hours of your time to do you. Literally, no one else but you. Become your own VIP.

Your “you time” should be like a sacred appointment that should not be missed. In the same way that we have that person in our lives that when we have an appointment with them, nothing ever gets us too busy to meet up. That’s how important our few hours set aside for our personal development should be.

What should be understood is that irrespective of the number of people you are impacting at this point you are, the moment you experience some growth in your business or you achieve your personal aspirations, your audience would invariably expand. More people would be impacted by your wealth of knowledge and experience.

The cycle begins with you.

  • So go for that business seminar
  • Read that book to expand your understanding
  • Finish writing your new book and place it in the market.
  • Become a part of something bigger.

Do whatever it is you have planned to do. Rebrand yourself, expand your horizon, become sharper and better. You only live once.

A wise man once said that the grave yard is the richest place on planet earth because it is filled with untapped potentials, songs not composed, books not written, inventions not created, visions not realized.

So be your best client. Put your development first and your business and other clients would bless you for it. After all, isn’t that how you became a spiritual entrepreneur in the first place?

EFT for Getting Unstuck, Dealing with Procrastination, & Finishing Your Spiritual Entrepreneur Projects!

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