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Thank you so much to Lady Grear, our astrological conjure woman, for bringing us the Astro-Affair! As usual we’ve left in all of her wonderful Grear-isms so that you can get her meaning straight from the beloved one’s heart. Her thoughts and opinions are all her own.

Wishing you and yours a joy-filled holiday season and so much positive energy. Love and light, soulmates!


Astro-Affair for December 2013 by Grear Turnbull


Sagittarian’s common description of exuding a “sunny disposition” has always sat well with me.

Sag follows Scorpio, the transformer. Leading me to believe that the sun shines brighter once one transforms…transforms for the better, of course.

The new moon occurs near the beginning of each month, always in the same sign of the current

sun. This month’s new moon in Sagittarius (on the third) speaks to new learning, new concepts,

new perceptions, new travels, for all of us. But for you Sag suns (and Sag ascendents), it’s

really the cosmic opportunity to seize cultivating a clean slate in all that you value. You may

need a new lease on matters to successfully get you through 2014. More on this in my

next [& final 2013 post] astro-offering–a New Year’s Eve post.


Sagittarius is a fire sign. Fire commands attention! e.g: If you were running late for work

and literally running down the street to catch a bus to get there. And on your route you

witness a structure on fire, with a crowd formed, standing there watching it burn.

What are you likely to do? Join them. Sure, stand there and glare at the flares too…temporarily forgetting all about running late. Fire awes most.

Of the three fire signs {Aries, Leo, Sagittarius}, yours is the eldest. Ruled by Jupiter, the

planet of luck and expansion–the planet that governs Kings.

Janelle Monáe.

Janelle Monáe.

Astute. Feel confident ruminating…it’ll net more clarity than “fiery shouting” could ever.

If this is your thing, Kwanza signifies creating gifts by hand. If you craft, good. Get busy.

If you don’t. Give it a try. There are wonderful tutorials on Youtube. I’m learning needlepoint on there. 🙂

While creating, embrace one of your square’s attributes; yes, Virgo, zero-in on the details. The cards mark

beautiful pieces to be produced by Sag’s hands this season. One my favorite Sag artists/

jewelry makers, Ma-Jade, comes to mind. Creating is what she does anyway, couldja imagine

what she’ll craft during this new moon period? As a couple of my favorite vloggers say “I’m here for it!” 🙂

Conflict with friends, especially ones you haven’t seen in a while shown. Aquarian tension. You control the contact. No contact. No beef. I’d wait a few months before engaging. Unless…unless you’re sure they aren’t on tha bullsh*t.

By the middle of the month, two ex-lovers could show up, and or a Gemini. It’s a Full Moon

manifestation. Be kind. Be noble. Forgive the past, but don’t forget it…as if you could do that.


The spotlight will be put on your finances–take care to be sure YOU shine that light.

With the way the aspects and the cards splayed, again, I recommend getting real creative with gift offering. Send love, yet save money. If crafting is not your thing and no video tutorial can help to make it your thing, then I strongly advise waiting till after the 21st when Venus goes retrograde to shop for conventional gifts–there’s likely to be some great sales.

December, decimal, the original 10th month, get/keep your business straight, and keep your public persona clean.

Have a fun and bright holiday season, you party-starter, you! 🙂

  • Featured Sagittarians: Tina Turner, Janell Monae`, Cisley Tyson, Vesta.


Nemophily. A word I recently became acquainted with. I study etymology. I have a stell in Libra. 

Libra/Library, Libros/Book. Clearly I LOVE words, and the study of them.

When I came across “Nemophily”, I thought about what I saw in the sky-lines for Capricorn this

month, then I thought… “How cool would this word be on a Tee.” 😉

You wear one, I wear one, let’s go camping. Mama long for a healing circle around a

camp fire. Then again…considering where Capricorn is in my natal chart? Maybe not.


  • But you could go, if you like. Smiles… Especially if the outdoors is your thing.
  • Oh, “nemophily” is someone who is haunted by the woods, a deep fondness.
  • Ideal time for Capricorns to reflect on their lives. Meditation. And it’s all the more potent when hosted by & in nature.

Watch your stance with authoritative figures. If you work in an authoritative capacity yourself, try not to abuse power. And watch your colleagues and those higher in rank.

Aggressive energy can be present for months–take it all in stride or…take a vacation. Could be a few upsets within the family as well; or…as ill. If you’re off getting to know you better, you won’t even be present to witness any of the tom-foolery wit’ fam ‘n them–they can fill you in upon your return. 🙂

If you do YOU well while in nature, with no guilt for being there [away from family], the spiritual rewards are plentiful. <3




Disappointment shown. Shown especially around earnings. Be disciplined enough to

document all fiscal expenditures–incoming/outgoing/incoming…

details. Keep a ledger of all the time, overtime, you put in. Don’t rely on the timekeeper in

the payroll department to do it–there’s no emotional attachment there for them.


No energy detaches as well as Aquarius. Unfortunately, an aspect is shown where you just might need to. Like watching a movie, the further you sit back, the c l e a r e r you can see the picture. Advice: Step back, assess, sever…sever-in-love. Hold no bitterness. They hold enough of that for you and about ten others. No need to hold the bitter ball with them. Drop the ball!

A certain square shown. Suggestion: Try to sever-in-love with all connections that don’t

feel like love. Simple as that. And, wait! ‘Can’t forget this. Don’t just make it an egoist

thing–severing ties with just those that show YOU no love. Also clip ties tethered to those

you don’t love, value and appreciate. Why are you keeping them? Hopefully not to maintain

some sort of “jailer/inmate” connection? So unAquarian.

You and Aries too–watch your words. If you absolutely HAVE TO say it, write & read it first. Put yourself in “their” shoes while reading it—now how do you think those words will be received?

  • Someone you met before or will meet at the top of this month, you’re gonna be ready to f**k by the full moon. And it looks like it’s going to GOOD! Playful and kinky. But… …there’s always a “but” itn’t? But…if you want the relationship to be one of substance and long lasting, I’d hold off on gittin’ bizee! Yet, it’s going to be soooo hot! The synergy. Mercy! I’d avoid being alone with them. To only add to the complexity, they are likely to be a friend; a Gemini or a Sagittarius.

Much energy on the charts over the next few months for travel and study. Have fun! 🙂




Suggestive Spiritual Exercise: Write your wish(es) on a piece of parchment paper on the New Moon, under the New Moon. Purple and or Angel Blood ink, a plus. Read the wish paper daily, till the Full Moon (17th), burn, pour ashes in… email me.


  • Pisces’ card pulled for December is just one of those goodies. Remember “New Moon Wish List” has to have at least ten items listed.
  • And this New Moon is in Sag, your fellow Mutable Mode’ee.
  • May have to travel for work, but if they can appoint someone else–good. Some delays with travel shown. Walk with enjoyable music, reading material, healthy snacks, batteries, things that can make that “hurry-up and wait” energy just a tad bearable.
  • May feel compelled to spruce up the house–this is good. It constructively channels the restless energy you may feel; this can prevent domestic spats.

Scrutinize all fiscal undertaking. Over the next few months you should have enough energy to examine all policies–make $ure they are as you deem fit. Study with a contract law book handy, a legal dictionary.

Astro-seeing, looks like you’re gonna be the life of the holiday parties. Enjoy!




Loves joins many things. For you, communication in love should adjoin splendidly. You and they are likely to feel whole. The most intangible divine state–the ULTIMATE state–that we all consciously/unconsciously strive for. If it’s in love…sincere love…it’ll render whole.

Don’t resort to the common thing most Aries are typically known for: Sounding off in fire and ego. Tame the tongue a tad. Most don’t recognize this and rarely credit this [well, they gotta recognize it first to credit it], but “the listener” shines too.

Good speakers are plentiful. But good listeners? Now, those are rare. Exactly why they

shine. They also shine cause most of them don’t seek to “shine.”

  • Uniquely, they sincerely wanna listen, hear what the speaker is offering.
  • Aries, you can do this.
  • Suspend the ego, and watch the heart open.


Hostile energy shown with a neighbor[s] and or in neighborhood. Again, weigh the matter logically, not emotionally. Cooler heads prevail. On and after the 8th, games of chance recommended. Have a light heart when you play. Those who tend to win tend to have fun with it–entertain no desperate energy.

Reshape business. Choose wisely.

Your energy is high this season. Don’t waste it frivolously. Have fun, yes. But have sense.

Be consequence-oriented. <3




The Supreme’s classic hits “Where Did our Love Go” & “Come See About Me” came to mind when I looked at Taurus’ aspects for this month.

For the Taurean whose love life is just fine, no need to even read this stanza. For those who may feel a tad dejected by him or her? Allow my intimate: Write. Yes, write the story of your love for them, with them. Not necessarily for sale (book) or to even share/send to them (love letter). Write it out to get it out! For who? YOU.

  • You have been trying to convey this to them all along, right? To what avail? See. Moving on…
  • Then convey it to self. ..why, it’s the only way to heal.
  • Most think it’s when “another” understands them that they’ll finally feel whole salvation. Nope.
  • It’s when YOU understand YOU, that that longing is made whole.  
  • In your writings the truth shall be laid c l e a r. And it will have been lain plain by your very own hand. Writing is therapeutic in this way.

Listening to The Supremes or that Teddy Pendergrass song “It Don’t Hurt Now” may assist greatly while penning.

An older man offers great advice. Listen intently.

Taurus, you love beautiful things. Shopping after the 21st should procure some fine items at great bargains.




Merry Mutable Medley! Full Moon mid month in your sun sign. Shine, twin! Shine!

All y’all mutable members are likely to be the life of the party!

Have fun! Have some for me! 🙂

Mars is slated to be in your fifth house for about seven months. Sex, love-affairs, hot!

  • Unless you want offspring, be mindful of possible pregnancies. You are pregnant with ideas too–write them down. Mars is swift, as quick as an idea enters could be as quick as it exits.

An abusive lover from the past [even a past life] may surface. Sex is great! But they ain’t.

Think with your mind, not your heart, or your root charkra.

Wait, let me not judge, albeit astro-judging, some do evolve. The stars only impel not

compel. You’ll know what’s/who’s best for you, better than any astro-columnist could ever tell you.

Two of Cups was pulled for the II. Can you think of a better card to be pulled in Gemini’s name?

Okay, yes, the VI/The Lovers, IS the II card, but… the Two of Cups is definitely runner-up, in this instance.

Warm wishes my Twin brethren. <3




 Holiday food consumption can be a diet rich in rich fatty foods. I’d cut back. Take care

 of your health this season, for all seasons. Herbal teas, especially ones that build the blood

should be noted. We’re partial to yellow dock & nettles steeped strong, sweetened

with wild flower honey spiked with Black Berry Brandy. #Heal

  •  Clear house–de-clutter.
  •  Family uprisings shown. Don’t rise up with them–exit from them…till they cool down.

 These are just astro-suggestions. You know your clan much better than I do. The advice I can only offer astro-advice from what your aspects show me; sensible solutions versus surly sensitive inclusions. Hopefully, you have a tranquil place of refuge to retreat to. Ruminating for you can lead to great healing not to mention startling sparkling epiphanies.

  • Past partners come a knockin’ for the Cancer too–between now till the end of next month. But. If they only offer strife, run! Be kind. But be OUT!
  • If finances permit, I’d join a Capricorn for healing time in the forest on a camping trip.
  • The term “out of the woods” when one has recovered/healed may truly be applicable after enjoying such a retreat.
  • Note: Exact thorough research when selecting camping grounds to travel to.




Exciting new encounters to behold. Especially with Sags & Geminis–elemental harmony for Leos. A good thing!

An act/whim shown, something unusual and dare I say, risky. I wanna say ‘be smart’

think first, but this aspect reveals that there may not be time to “think first.”

All I can offer is to meditate before heading outdoors, do so when rising anyway; even if you plan to stay in. Suggest keeping “The Robe of Light” around you. See prayer at, click on ‘prayers.’ If you’re into etymology, you already know how to interchange the wording, but it’s a beautiful prayer. Thank you, Ms. Grice for sharing.

Second week get fiscal affairs in order. Third week and for about the next few months, communications could come under fire; same with you, watch words with neighbors/in your neighborhood, with siblings…what you say and or what they say may not be construed as “friendly say.”

Most Lions don’t mind lettin’ it get CRUnK! But for what? Third house is ruled by Gemini. Gemini, in its unskilled form? One of its attributes has been described as “trivial.”

  •  Please, pick your battles wisely.
  •  Fun shown with friends at the Full Moon, especially new ones.
  •  Tip: Host a festive get-together. Create your own magic with party planning–keep it fresh and unique. A Taurus and or someone you got money with appears, invite them to the party.

All in all, have a ball! 🙂




Mars is still stationed in Virgo for the first week before it heads on over to Libra, for

what? Seven months. It’s rare that Mars hangs out in any sign for THAT long. But it’s

going retrograde in March, hence the lengthy Libra sit. Babies born while Mars is

retrograde, peaceful people; or…it takes A LOT for them to battle. Don’tcha just

love those types? Well, I do. Virgo may not.

I digress.

The first week starts off with a burst of energy for you–beginnings tend to have this effect; especially when there’s a New Moon in a fire sign to set the month in motion. Sparks ‘n motion. Exciting!

Workout, get a lot done. You like being productive anyhow; with this aspect you should

definitely  have the battery to produce desired results.


Family activities show to be fun-filled and enlightening.

Be open to the restructuring on the job–if you don’t resist for resist’s sake, you could

really stand to reap the benefits of which–no matter how backwards the plan seemed.

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed.


The end of the month suggest that a dinner (or lunch) with two others will be one of celebration.

Only you know why. Enjoy!



A lover, one that appreciates their solitude, is highlighted.

Enjoy them. But they can enjoy you better if you honor their peaceful personal space.

Libra is a very communicative energy, but the wise ones know that “silence” is a

form of communication too; in fact, it’s the most definitive communique` one could assess–providing they know how.


  • Honor quiet. Silence can be sexy…if you let it.
  • Grant your beloved the golden opportunity to view you in a new light.
  • Transform the union!

Now, with the New Moon transiting your 3rd house, you be given to sudden chattiness. If you are already, as most air signs are, it’ll be…how they say it now? TurnT Up! Chatty azalloutdoors! …Be so. Just not with your significant other.


You may even suddenly feel a tad confrontational. Thankfully, the diplomatic Libra

just won’t confront for confront’s sake. You leave that sort of thing to your opposite sign.


For you, it’ll almost always be pursued with salient reason. Now, with the way Ma’at (a Libran rulership) work, it, the fierce assertive energy, could turn around; Confrontations could come to you.

That Mars in the 1st house thing…just remain cool and search for the “logic” in their say, no matter how nonsensical. Surely, there has to be a smidgen of “logic” threaded in there somewhere. 🙂

To trump all of that, all of how busy December astro-appears for the Libra, the love

you have at home (Especially if they are a Pisces or have Pisces prominent in their natal chart)

shall heal all that extraneous exterior egoic crap anyway.



fn: For those who are single. There’s love in your home–create it…then cultivate it. You know what else? There’s love in you too! Venus rules Libra, for Pete’s sake! Or, shall I say for Love’s Sake. <3




Things have been challenging. Saturn still sitting in your sun sign doesn’t add much to

lighten this challenging sensation, I know. But Scorp y’all strong!

That matter with the judicial system looks like things may fall, or rise, in your favor. ..especially

if you’re partial to visiting your local Botanica for more assistance in gaining spiritual favor.

Use spiritual tools to help and heal you, not to hurt others.

Mars in 12th for a few months? Take care with Pisces and steer c l e a r of jails/prisons…send

them a letter, care-box… I’d steer clear of “those places” while Saturn is in Scorpio anyhow–period!

The urge to travel abroad may be strong. If that’s not possible head to the library and take

out a book about a faraway place, one you’ve imagined about.

  • An Aquarian and or Sagittarian co-worker is highlighted.

That around-the-way ex-lover may want a re-mix. It’ll be good, damn Good! But it may only last as long as this transit does. Scorpio it’s usually hard for you to let go…sure you wanna chance it? Smiles…


  • Email Mama G all about it. <3


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