Hello Loves,
I really believe that conversations around race and gender are a part of our evolution on this planet so keep ’em coming. Just this past weekend I had a photographer chide me for “being surrounded by white people” the first time we met.

I was like, are you serious? What world do you live in? Alas, we are still having the “Oreo” “BAP” or whatever you wanna call it convo in 2008. This blog, the Goddess Factory, is about the empowerment of women and the people who love us. Women of all experiences, and it is a hate free zone. After all, we can’t love ourselves and hate others at the same time. (At the same time we have a way to go so it is also a call-you-out space if need be, so walk easy!)

Loving yourself does not mean hating others to prove your love. Loving yourself has nothing to do with what other people think that self-love means for you. It means liking and nurturing yourself, caring for your very soul, and the spirit of others.

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