Abiola Abrams & Twanna Hines Halloween 09
Single Women, Single Men, Celebrate the Single Life, video below.
Watch this two part single escapade: Where Are the Good Men? aka How to Meet Men. 
Single Women in NYC Adventure, PART 1 of 2


Single Women in NYC Adventure, PART 2 of 2

Today’s Kiss and Tell Report.
Whoo Hoo!
It’s Celebrate Being Single Week; at least so says my editor. There’s apparently also a more politically focused National Unmarried and Single Americans Week in September. Why not? We’ve got Bosses Day, The Sweetest Day and everything else. Why not celebrate deliberate singlehood? Where’s my Single Woman’s greeting card? I am sure that it’s no mistake that it’s also Margarita Day. Welcome to my scandalous life. This is actually my Goddess Year so I celebrate being single daily.
However, the best way to kick off Celebrate Being Single Week is with Twanna Hines, one of New York City’s smartest and most beautiful deliberately single women. Twanna Hines is a brilliant relationships writer and sociologist who runs the super successful Funky Brown Chick blog. Most importantly Twanna Hines is one of my personal ride or die chicks, one of my partners in the beautiful, dirty, rich business of living and dating in New York City. We first met when she interviewed me a couple of years ago about my novel Dare and feminist erotica film Afrodite Superstar. Yup, Twanna Hines is my road dawg. Lock up your sons.
We shot these video episodes some time ago – Twanna and I set off on a Single Goddess Adventure in New York City. It was a cold early spring day and we had one question in mind: Where are the men? Well — where are the good men? We also played with some lessons in pick up lines. Uh, huh.
Alas, some things about this two-part AbiolaTV series below are regrettable – my too-long old Planet Abiola Show opening, not wearing a hat, and yes, I took some flack for saying that a guy was too nice, but as I’ve shared in the past I had a bad boy addiction that I’ve been fortunate enough to break. Oh come on — aren’t we calling everything addictions now? Pass me my addiction pass.
Random sex writer trivia, the pickup line that I use in Part 2 is also my entry in the book Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak edited by Larry Smith, an anthology that also features a mini memoir by Ms. Twanna Hines. Let Nightline and everyone else bemoan the “plight” of single black women. Sometimes girls just want to have fun.