Introducing the Abiola Cover Your Bone Zone Pledge.
 I love Oprah’s No Phone Zone Pledge. It’s a fun, catchy and smart way of bringing attention to the very serious issue of distracted driving! Awareness of drunk driving comes as second nature to many of us because of organizations like MADD and SADD, but until the Oprah Winfrey Show made us all focus I had not given distracted driving and texting while driving a second thought.

I live in New York City and don’t drive but the issue has certainly come to light when I’ve been a cab with a driver on the phone who misses and address or cross street. Luckily, that’s the worst that I’ve experienced as a result. However, I have stupidly crossed the street while texting– so I do recommend that all drivers take the Oprah No Phone Zone Pledge.

Our motto for my live monthly NYC reading series Abiola’s Kiss and Tell Live Revue,” and my weekly web series “Abiola on LSD: Love, Singles, Dating & Drama” is “be Good, and if you can’t be good be safe.” Of course we’re talking about safe intimacy.

I started talking about love and relationships in part because of the alarming statistics around contraction of AIDS and HIV in the communities where I live and work and among women who look like me– women of color in their 20s and 30s. So I’ve created my own fun, crazy, socially relevant pledge.


Introducing the “Cover Your Bone Zone” Safety Pledge!

That’s right- it’s our very own safe living pledge and I will invite every guest who comes on my shows to sign the Pledge. This is no Virginity Pledge or Abstinence Pledge — it’s a safety pledge for adults.

Did you know that studies show that teens who sign Virginity Pledges then continue to practice high risk practices? We are pledging to use a condom every single time unless we are in a monogamous, committed relationship.

  • I ______________ pledge to participate in mentally and physically safe intimate practices. I will not engage in unprotected intimacy unless I am in a monogamous committed relationships. 
  • When I do engage in intimate behavior it will be awesome, amazing and safe.
  • I am making a commitment to myself that I love myself enough to practice safer behavior because I am worth it.