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so tonight i interviewed chris rock after the screening of his new film i think i love my wife. the interview was organized by producer ralph scott and the bherc’s first weekend’s club. they try to get folks into theaters to see black films the first weekends because that’s when dollars count to keep films in theaters. i must confess that i didn’t invite my friends who weren’t already gonna be there b/c of work because that would make me more nervous. yikes!

chris was funny, bright and interesting– all of the things we love about him. i actually stuttered but then i was fine and we chatted it up like we were old friends.

the fun thing was that i didn’t do a standard puff interview– i am extremely proud to say that i asked engaging and unusual questions, and afterward, he thanked me and said that it was a fascinating convo– yes!

check out his film i think i love my life. if you’re looking for slapstick standard black humor, this ain’t it. it’s very subtle and based on a french film. whatever issues are with the film, i commend chris for going beyond what is typically expected of him– kudos!

the interview was followed by another celeb encounter of the very weird kind but i’ll tell you about that some other time.

oh yeah– so afterwards i was in absolute hate with what i wore when i saw the fotos. a sentiment confirmed by my mother. i am in need of a stylist — badly! thankfully i should have one by the end of next week. but the too big floral dress i had on with the jeans and cowboy boots? totally gagalicious. yeesh.

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