Bootsy Collins on Funk Music, “Tha Funk Capital of the World,” Drugs and Life; Video Interview Episode Below

Passionista Principle: “I like being out front, doing what I do!” ~Bootsy Collins


Legendary musician Bootsy Collins is a founding member of Parliament Funkadellic along with his partner in crime George Clinton. Bootsy’s bass playing skills are unrivaled and he has worked with everyone from James Brown to Snoop Dogg. In fact, Bootsy Collins told me that Snoop Dogg is him reincarnated. Go figure!

This interview was tons of fun and most importantly it was funky hot. And yes, I had to throw on the purple hair and Bootsy Collins glasses to get it popping. I asked the master musician of “Funk University” and the Tha Funk Capital of the Worldwhat he thought of luminaries from Diana Ross to Rock James. And of course, Bootsy LOVED the name of our award-winning web TV series “Abiola on LSD: Love, Sex, Dating and Drama!”
Abiola Abrams rocking the Bootsy Girl look!

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