12 Days of Blissness begins…

How to make a business vision board


Let’s do it!

12 Days of Blissness Vision Board Challenge —


MISSION: To create a SACRED VISION and VISION BOARDS for your Business for the upcoming year. 



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How it works:

1) Each day we will have a daily blissness challenge and a live video class.

LINK: facebook.com/abiolaTV


2) Rise to the challenge on your paper vision board and our group Pinterest Vision Board.

Pin it, glue stick it, embody it!



3) Attend the free daily classes I’ve created to support your mission.


4) Let’s share and talk about it here as we MANIFEST an amazing 2018!!

Share on Social Media, tag @abiolaTV and #Spiritualista


So today’s mission…

What is YOUR VISION WORD for your life and your business – blissness – for 2018?

Are you ready for the 12 Days of Blissness business vision board challenge? It is time to stop playing small and to step into your goddess greatness!


Share it in the GROUP (iManifestMagic.com) and on your vision board!!

I will tell you MY VISION WORD in our  session TODAY on FACEBOOK.com/abiolaTV — see you there!