whooo hoo!

so MUCH fun…

thanks to my guests (in no specific order) for attending my private soiree at billie’s black—patranila, kristal, shawn, sonia, amos, aj, aaron, najwa and her british friend, ralph, kamar and his friend, geoffrey, tarsha, dominga, jahida, todd, luci, dale, jason, chandra and anyone else i may be overlooking especially friends of friends and new folks. my birth brother and sister were in puerto rico and vermont so it was nice to have my surrogate family around me.

and thanks for the lovely presents and so many beautiful, funny and thoughtful cards and emails—kristal gave me a fierce abiola doll, silk embroidered sleeping mask (muy importante) , and new dvds for my collection and held down the party with patranila with appetizers and pierre jouet grand brut for toasting- yum!! patranila also helped me get ready and gifted me an abundant and delicious champagne brunch at the den in harlem—check it out! sonia gave me a beautiful red and white beaded bracelet and powerful african photo by her photographer friend brandon wrapped in the most delicious wrapping paper—very creative. aj– love the sephora mirror and giftcard. they will both be put to great use. jahida gave a divine smelling leather journal—that i used to list all of my gratitude in as well as handmade soap, todd came thorough with red velvet cupcakes that said birthday goddess—how sweet, thank you! dominga gave me a sister power chi guevara t-shirt—not a misprint, that’s che’s equally revolutionary mythical sister. hot!

and ralph and his beautiful wife jocelyn gave me huge silver earrings which i am wearing right now and looking very angela davis in, i must add. shawn—thanks for always sharing your artistic words, talent and the slamming pomegranate martini, tarsha—i rocked the green bag the other day and love the soothing cd and the unique incense and my fab assistant luci who rolled through with her brother dale, an astronaut (no lie) in training!!), the candle and the stationery are being put to wonderful use, and thank you for sharing your advice and talent in general. my fab neighbor amos – thank you for the amazing bottle of vino – vin d’alsace willem pinot blanc- yum!!! so very special & jason thanks for the follow up bottle of vinos sin-ley by jordi alonso.

as for the scandalosity, shhhhh…. what happens inharlem, stays in harlem!