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I forgot to tell you how much fun Valentine’s Day was. I got to hang with my producers. It feels so good to be in a work situation (issues aside) where the people who you immediately report to / collaborate with genuinely believe in you and your success.

Today we shot promos for our BRAND NEW SEASON at Baton Rouge Restaurant in Harlem. Yay– we’re back! I am back and this is absolutely amazing. It is going to be a fantastic season.

I really believe in the show and it’s noble mission. We are truly giving a voice to the voiceless. My work overall is about empowering people wholistically (different from holistically, although that is a part of it) – politically, sexually and emotionally. We show work that would never usually see the light of day.

A pat on the back for us. & u….

Oh– and photographer NUMA PERRIER is so much fun to work with. Numa– don’t stay in LA– move to the city. Numa became my instant kindred spirit when I realized that just like me, she had a party going on in her head. One to which you may or may not be invited. We had a ball over a delicious dinner after the shoot with Theo (makeup) and Ralph (EP).

It was a day for inspiration. Our very cute waitress whose name escapes me busted out with pictures and ID to prove that she had lost something like 120 lbs. Now this girl ways a buck o nothing. It was wild. Especially since just between you and I, I feel plagued by 5 lbs that I have haunted me for the longest. The truth my love is that I have done absolutely nothing to lose it. So there. ALSO Sheron, the owner of Baton Rouge, who also owns Mobays in both Brooklyn and Harlem was all about manifesting life exactly the way she wants it. Powerful woman. Speaking to her and hearing her goals gave me chills. She offered to throw me a book release party. She’s a Virgo like my mom…..

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