What do you believe to be true about your life and your self? What do you have faith in? When your beliefs are tested, how do you respond? Does your life reflect your belief system?

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Hey Goddess,

Yesterday I had a POWERFUL conversation with Arzu Mountain Spirit, the Garfuna healer leading our summer solstice ritual and ceremony at my Goddess Pray Love Belize Retreat — whoo hoo!

She will be joining me to answer your spiritual questions this Sunday at 10 AM EST, for Goddess Temple Sunday.

I believe that all things are possible, all healings are possible and abundance is endless, BUT recently I have been facing a block.

My block is around allergies and health.

I heard Kerry Washington describe herself as a “lemon of a person” for all of the random allergies she has!

And although as a good spiritual student I wouldn’t necessarily want to use that language to describe myself, 🙂 I TOTALLY relate.

There was the time that for about 3-4 years, my body randomly decided that I was allergic to seafood. I couldn’t even be a restaurant where they had prepared seafood in the same dishes. I would break out into hives!

That was fun… (insert sarcasm here)

Then there was when my body said, “Now, Abiola, you are allergic to beets!!”

A couple of days ago, I had a random reaction to peanut butter.

And we’re not even touching the hayfever convo here.

Anyway —

If I truly believe that all things are possible….

And I truly believe that all healings are possible…

And I truly believe in my abundant health…

Then what about my allergies??

The question came up when Arzu Mountain Spirit asked was there anything physical I wanted to discuss healing and the voice in the back of my mind said, “You’ve always had allergies. You will always have allergies. So don’t even mention it.”

This is why I say you can’t believe every thing you THINK!!!

Because I DO believe all healings are possible.

So why not for me??

Goddess Arzu and I will be discussing this on Sunday for Goddess Temple Sunday at 10 am EST


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