Yay! Grear presents another exceptional column. We’re so grateful to her during our slowwww summer hiatus. Her work is priceless. You’re going to need to read this…


This is your season. The Sun Season. If the lion is the king of the jungle, then Leo is the Solar Power of the Zodiac. I once thought that Leo ruled the zodiac till I discovered that it’s your opposite that does: Aquarius. But they ping off of each other, so in a way, Leo kinda does have dominion over the zodiacal roundtable. But I’ll have to spend more time on this topic in a book.

I read that Leos were royalty in a past life. Due to their regal poise and or high self regard, I find this highly plausible.

Leo, a fire sign, rules the heart in the physical body, and the upper portion of the back–physical beings, you are partial to fiery physical interaction. Not necessarily combative, it could be a sport of some kind. The females especially, hold this trait. You can tell this just by watching the lions on the nature channel. They rarely seek Big Poppa for anything, not even to babysit or hunt–they got that! If anything, he seeks them for food and sexual gratification. This explains why Ms. Leo would much rather you come to her, she goes to no one!

Their smiles are usually bright, like the sun. The sun rules Leo. As you already know where the sun’s position is in the cosmos and how all else revolve around it. Do you now see difficulty in a Leo coming to you? Their position (conscious or otherwise): If I’m the center, your center, my energy radiates, warms and inspires, that extending enough, now you come to me! Better act like you know!

Our beloved Whitney Houston was a Leo sun. Her smile alone was gift-enough, the powerhouse voice, to me, was just an aside; albeit, a mighty one. Love Life Liberation and LIFT, Nippy!

Then there’s: Wesley Snipes, KRS ONE, Lawrence Fishburne, Angela Bassett, Madonna, Halle Berry, Jackee`Harry, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Tempest Bledsoe, Andy Warhol, Carl G. Jung, Alex Haley, Fidel Castro, Dustin Hofman, George Bernard Shaw, Sally Struthers, Martha Stewart, Mick Jagger, Amelia Earhart, CoCo Chanel, Matthew Broderick, Lucille Ball, President Obama!

And last but certainly not least, our very own, the smart, gorgeous and sweet Abiola Abrams

Leo, there will be two full moons this month. Yes, we get the Big Blue One too. The first one will be on the first and second of the month, it’ll be in Aquarius. You should feel a certain kind of fullness. Solid. It’ll be very gratifying if felt. Just know it’ll work on you whether you consciously feel it or not.

New ideas, new awakenings, new loves are all on the horizon. Notice them. Act, think, and speak with purpose. Self-inventory is in order.

Overall, it’s your time, en, no, In-Joy it!


Downtime is to be embraced. You usually do, despite the inner restlessness you most often feel. Speaking of which, some of that restlessness should lift after the eighth, when Mercury (your ruling planet) goes direct. Lighten Up, everything is in divine right order.

Though you’ll feel lighter, know that it’s still a time to go within, one can be introspective without the necessary “deep” vibration that usually comes along with.

Clean out those closets, literally and figuratively. Try not to entertain too much company. Watch less TV, read more. Prepare light meals and talk on the phone less. Again, this month is truly about you and what’s behind the veil. Whose veil? Yours.


Libra I understand, oh, trust me, I UNDERSTAND, what you’ve been feeling thus far…with Saturn sittin’ on us. He’ll be moving next door to Scorpio soon, just hold tight. By mid month he’ll be mating, or shall I say, meeting with Mars in the sky for spell. Mars and Saturn are so different in temperament, yet, per my studies, they are the two mars (no cosmic pun, Mars) in the planetary lineup. Mars is Action, War. Saturn is Restriction, Discipline. These two meeting? Hey hey now.

Depending upon where you are in or with your psyche, will prove how well you handle the sudden strong surge of mix contradictory sensations you’ll bound to feel by mid month. You’d be lucky if it only shows itself in an autonomous way. This serious celestial contrast can also show up down here through people–teems of them: strangers and familiarities alike.

All in all, do what you do best–stay level-headed, calm and cool. It’ll pass. It always does. Being an air sun sign, you have the ability to fly above.

By the way, really enjoy the first full moon; it’ll be in a fellow air sign: Aquarius. Do filling things, yet, sensible.


Mars is about to come home, baby! Home, where he belongs: either with you or Aries. As you know, Mars has two dominions.
When he meets up with Saturn (in Libra) mid month, you might feel hostile towards a Libra or an air sign, or they towards you, or both! Just do the “Libra thing”: exude diplomacy. Then the short-lived meeting in the sky shouldn’t affect you too adversely.

On a positive side, this conjunction will dispense a lot of much-needed energy; about a good six to seven weeks of verve. Workout. Run. Soar!

This planetary interfacing does indeed happen way up and “out there,” but it affects us way down here, up there–this “there” being our mind. It’s all connected! Stay in tuned, so you don’t think you’re just buggin’.

I gave you the mid-month first. At the top of the month, it’ll serve you too to implement some quiet time at home. By month’s end if you emotionally rationed it out well, you are still soaring…like the Eagle-Eyed Prophet you are!


When you set your sights on something, it’s really like shooting that bow from the proverbial arrow–you rarely miss the target. You just wanna be sure that what or who you set your sights on is right for you. ‘Cause once they’re pierced, you gotta heal and mend the wound whether you want to keep the item (or person) or not. This is Karmic Correction, my dear Archer friend. Remember: Correction is best when you apply it versus the Universe doing so.

The path you’re on now… are you sure, absolutely sure, it’s the one that’ll lead you to the desired destination? If you are, stay. If you’re not, pave new ground–your own.

Yes, consider that other person. To ignore them is challenging, I know. But once you’ve considered them find out if they’re willing to walk the new path with you? Their reply is the very one you’ve been waiting so long to hear. Whether pain or pleasure follows, it’s what you need to hear. And what they need to say! Words can transform you–for the better–if you allow them.

Return to Self, baby. Return to Self.


There’s a bi, like in “two.” Two matters for you this month. It’s difficult to articulate in any manner: writing, speaking, sign language, etc. But trust me, there’s something with two poles and money and YOU, on the forecast. Win or Lose…remember, two. So be careful. Well, mindful. But still…have fun!

Embrace these two full moons. I’d get a reading done. Suggestion: Fast from sex and eating meat…just for this month. Abstaining serves to open the door for other opportunities. If you are already a vegetarian, then abstain from something else–something you enjoy partaking of, of course.

If the budget permits, I’d gamble. Do so in fun. Desperate energy rarely attracts anything desirable.


Power Moon! Power Month!

Find your Happy Cord and Strum it! Two Full Moons this month and the first up to bat will be in your sun sign. You know the drill: Play Lotto, casinos, enter contests, etc. Just dive in, if the budget permits, naturally.

Your money-gain potential reads differently than Capricorn’s, however, it still reads. Registers. I’d embrace every syllable, sound out every metaphorical vowel, if I were you. Hey, you never know.

But your key phrase is “I Know,” act like it! Have Fun. 🙂

Find your emotional side and air it out. Yes, let ’em view it. I know this is hard for the cool Water Bearer, but be honest with yourself and the fortunate spectator[s], just dissolve. Somewhere in this raw great space, something magical or someone magical might appear to assist you.

Take “Mag Phos” cell salts–starting now, till the 4th. Mag Phos is Leo’s natural cell salt, and Leo is Aquarius opposite, this is what you do when the moon is in your exact sign. Like, for you, when the moon is in Leo, you’d take the Nat Mur cell salts, Aquarius’ cell salt.


Liken to your opposite sign, this month begins on a quiet note. Cherish it. ‘Cause by midmonth, things will begin to shift in such an energetic way. Cut out all heavy foods and heavy-heart’ed people. Don’t fret, they can see you next month. Evolving is important work; sacrifices are inevitable.

The flirt that comes on extra strong in the middle of the month, try to put that love possibility on ice till after the new moon. The Full Moon at the end of the month will cling to you in a mystical way–make the most of it. Create something special.


Since ’09, the lessons learned with relationships must have been eye-opening. To be opened visually, be it literally or figuratively, is a great transforming thing. Value it.

But don’t dwell. K.I.M. Yes, keep it moving.

I was watching, forgive me, yes, one of those Realty TV shows, where one of the characters said to the other one, paraphrasing: “…don’t keep asking yourself why. Eff why! Just keep pushin’!” I thought that that was the sagest advice I had heard all day. I extend it to you.

Mid month, you’ll feel up, like your old self again. Mars, your ruling planet, is slated to station its fiery self in your big cousin’s house: Scorpio. Both of y’all will feel a tad whole again. Watch, you’ll see. Wield the Martian energy wisely.

Oh, also, some kind of “weird gift” will be handed to you. Your first impulse will be to throw it back, don’t! Ebay “that baby” in a few years and watch how they bid on it! I know…it’s strange, but this is what came to me. I wouldn’t be worth my stripes in astro-honesty if I didn’t share it with you.


Career Career Career is your focus this month. Even considering self-employment may be a favorable note. Weigh all variable soberly. Upward mobility is the name of the curve. Write your goals down on parchment paper, put it in a red envelope–preferably one of those Asian ones with the golden Dragon logo on it–then put the envelope under your pillow as you sleep. Ask key questions. Hopefully, if done right, particularly this month, the career space in your personal universe will shine brightly, in your favor, for a while.

Note: I stated “career,” not some menial job that means nada to you.


So, tell me… tell me how did/does it feel? How did it feel to have Venus all to yourself…for so long? I hope you enjoyed the sweet energy. Especially when she went retrograde–a time to investigate (wow, break that word up: in-vest-ti-gate) all your inner barriers. What really holds you back? Yes, Venus is about beauty, love, money, attraction, but she also serves to produce a better you. That’s if…you don’t fight her; then she’ll simply have to Apostrophia ya! It’s not…the word…what you think it is. Smiles… I digress.

She’ll be exiting the twins to sweeten her honey pot in the nurturing waters of Cancer soon. And you may feel a sudden “emptying.” Bereft! Yet, don’t understand why. Well, I’m telling ya why–“V” left.

You may craves sweets to eat to fill the void. Don’t. OK, maybe just one slice of pie, but don’t go overboard. Everybody gets their turn with each of our transiting planets, she’ll be back to visit you again. Besides, think of it this way–Jupiter is still in your space. He comes with sweets and treats too; albeit, a different frequency than how Venus would deliver them, but still delivered all the same. Gratitude.

Self-Evaluating is the prescription for you too. You are worthy and lovable, unless you are acting contrary, don’t believe the naysayers. Keep your stride, don’t let ’em knock you off of it. Strolling and humming Ms. Hill’s “So Much to Say (right now).” I think that’s the title…it’s from her Unplugged set. Key lyrics.

All in all, stay true. True You.


Venus will be yours soon…for a spell. She’ll make your already nurturing watery nature all the more affectionate, sweet and tender. Whomever is your lover or just the people you care about, gosh, are they in for a treat! Tell ’em to value it, that V will be exiting to visit Leo shortly. Hence, the hugs and extra love could wane. Explain to them all about the power of NOW. Living in the present. This is especially the case with matters such as Venus and her transits.

Games of Chance looks up for you as well. Again, play sensibly yet have fun. It’s hard to win at anything when you’re uptight.

A new hair do, new sense of style, all in favor for you at this time.

And there’s a moment…a really sacred tender moment…not sure with whom and to what degree you know them…not even sure who’ll initiate–you or they? Just know there’s an aspect that welcomes this–darn near compels it. Kinda like…well, did you ever see the classic movie “The Way We Were?” Remember the ending when she saw the Robert Redford character again? Yeah, like that…just better–well, better for you. You know, in the Cancer’s favor. If y’all are both Cancers–then it’s a win win.

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