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New Book of Sacred Self-Love Rituals 

by Abiola Abrams

african goddess rising


 is an awakening into the mysteries of the feminine divine.

Welcome to your goddess circle.

goddess of paris retreat - best year ever

It is time to activate ancient goddess magic to transmute your fears and limiting beliefs, so that you can create more happiness, abundance, and self-acceptance. 

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About This Goddess Initiation Journey

Want to know how I plan my spiritual Goddess retreats in accordance with the magic and mysticism of the moon? Let's talk about it...

Each chapter is a sanctuary where you will meet ancient goddesses and feminine energy ancestors, legendary queens, and mystical spirits. As you complete their powerful rituals, from altars to masks, you align with your divine frequency.

This is goddess rising.

Why African goddess magic? Well, why not African goddess magic? This is my spiritual inheritance that I was commanded to share with you.

You are not here by accident. 

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

We learned about the Roman goddess Venus and the Greek goddess Aphrodite in elementary school, but have you met the Guinea-Bissau goddess Mama Djombo, Yoruba orisha Oshun, Ashanti abosom Ngame, Egyptian goddess Ma’at, or Haitian lwa Erzulie Dantor?

Our goddesses have ancient wisdom, healing magic, and transformational secrets to share.

African Goddess Initiation

There is no one African spiritual tradition. Africa is a continent of 54+ countries and her children are global.

Our ancestors who were trafficked in “The New World” hid the secrets of our orishas, abosom, lwas, álúsí, and god/desses behind saints, angels, and legendary characters. 

From South Africa to Egypt, Brazil to Haiti, Guyana to Mississippi, goddess wisdom still empowers us.

African Goddess Statue

The African Goddess Initiation Journey

9 Inner Temples of Transformation and Awakening

42 Goddess Rituals

You learned about the Roman goddess Venus and the Greek goddess Aphrodite in elementary school, but have you met the Guinea-Bissau goddess Mama Djombo, Yoruba orisha Oshun, Ashanti abosom Ngame, Egyptian goddess Ma’at, or Haitian lwa Erzulie Dantor?

Adinkra african symbol of love, faithfulness and harmony

1. Threshold Guardians

Adinkra Duafe

2. Temple of Ancestors

adinkra gye nyame

3. Temple of Conjurers


4. Temple of Warriors

adinkra epa

5. Temple of Shadows


6. Temple of Lovers

Akoben adinkra

7. Temple of Griots

8. Temple of Queens

9. Temple of High Priestesses

Awaken the Goddess Within.

Become who you were born to be.

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Abiola Abrams

This is a divine feminine initiation and rebirth into your capital “S” Self. I am your midwife in this sacred rebirth; with our powerful goddesses, ancestors, and spirits leading the way through transformational rituals, practices, rites, and ceremonies for your elevation.

Everything we are seeking on the outside is on the inside. All of the things we want to manifest—happiness, love, well-being, money—are on the other side of self-love, self-acceptance, and awakening your divinity. This goddess initiation is a rebirth into your womanhood and divinity, on your own terms. This is about your personal relationship with the divine in you, as you.

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

As you ascend the 9 AFRICAN GODDESS INITIATION temples you will:

  • Awaken generational healing in the Temple of Ancestors;
  • Manifest your miracles in the Temple of Conjurers;
  • Release the struggle in the Temple of Warriors;
  • Embrace your dark goddess self in the Temple of Shadows;
  • Heal your primal wounds in the Temple of Lovers;
  • Liberate your voice in the Temple of Griots;
  • Open your third eye intuition in the Temple of Queens; and
  • Surrender, meditate, and rise in the Temple of High Priestesses.

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Abiola Abrams, a true African Goddess, has put her heart and soul into this inspiring book that helps guide you to self awareness, self healing and self love.

This book is a MUST for every woman's household."

Yvette Hayward 

 / founder, African American Literary Awards 


We are at a crossroads spiritually and in search of answers. In African Goddess Initiation, Abiola introduces our ancient mothers back to us. It is a welcome reunion for those of us seeking a deeper connection with African spirituality and the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.” 

Yolanda Sangweni

/ founder, African Women Create


Abiola invites us all to embrace the divine feminine energy within... and takes us on a healing journey passed down from our ancestors to go within and active our most authentic self while removing limiting beliefs that hold us back."  

Koya Webb

/ author of "Let Your Fears Make You Fierce" and CEO of Get Loved Up Holistic Health and Yoga School

African Goddess initiation

Join us in the

Goddess Temple Circle

This book is a spiritual self-love initiation into awakening the divine goddess within and your sacred personal power, and a summoning to deepen your knowledge of self.

How to Use Meditation and Yoga to Combat Stress

Why African goddess magic?

Well, why not African goddess magic?

This is my spiritual inheritance that I was commanded to share with you. Again, you are not here by accident.

If you have ever felt like you are not playing full out, then this is your journey. If you “followed their rules” and you are still unhappy, this is your journey. If you ever doubt your own greatness or feel like an impostor in your own life, this is your journey. And if you are not living the life you imagined, then you are in the right place.



What is a soul contract? These are the things you were promised before birth, and the things you also agreed to before you were born. Soul contracts are
Abiola Abrams
Anna Jacobs

ABIOLA ABRAMS is an award-winning author, intuitive coach, inspirational card deck creator–including the African Goddess Rising Oracle deck–transformational speaker, and international retreat leader. Abiola is the first generation American daughter of multi-generational healers, seers, and farmers in Guyana, South America, who are descended from several West African nations. The founder of the Womanifesting self-love empowerment platform, podcast, and Goddess Temple Circle, Abiola studied sociology and creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College and has an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.  

Comfort Zone Uncomfortable

Featuring Beautiful Original Goddess Art 

by Destiney Powell

Nashville, Tennessee-based artist, Destiney Powell, has been honing her skills in illustration and painting since childhood. Destiney's work is inspired by the varied experience of black women and the exploration of heritage within the African diaspora. She focuses on creating colorful figurative and portrait centered pieces showcasing multiple narratives of black experiences. Destiney received a fine art degree from Mississippi State University and showcases her work nationally.

Tanit - African Goddess Initiation by Abiola Abrams
Ayizan Art - Abiola Abrams
Queen Makeda by Abiola Abrams
Mbuya Nehanda
Goddess Pray Love Belize Retreat
goddess rising

A Sacred Feminine Initiation

of Self-Love

Ignite the Goddess Within

This is your time.