Queen Nefertiti

Goddess of Alchemy

  • Temple: Queens
  • Element: Fire

Nefertiti was a legendary Egyptian queen, whose name means “a beauty has come.” Celebrated as a goddess and her husband’s equal, Queen Nefertiti led a spiritual revolution worshipping Aten, the sun god.

Queen Nefertiti’s Guidance

It is time. You turn everything that life throws your way into gold. You are on the path to fulfilling your purpose.


You are an alchemist. You have the power to bend Universal energy. Dare to transmute lead into gold by shifting from fear to love. Everything you desire exists in some form of loving energy. Match this frequency

See it in your mind’s eye first. Imagine it: “I am loved fully.” What does it look, taste, and smell like to be loved unconditionally? “I am happy and healthy.” See it. “I am a money magnet.” What does it feel like?

Goddess Declaration

“Everything I touch turns to gold.”

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Card Meanings

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